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Here’s my cutie pie boston terrier, lulu, at an excellent crepes place in vence, where we used to live. i’m

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carry le rouet is one of my favorite resort town getaways and relatively unknown to non-frenchies (i think). it’s a

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Fréjus is a hidden gem undiscovered by many non-Europeans. Situated quite conveniently between Cannes and St. Tropez, it’s often overlooked

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If you find yourself in the south of France and want a refreshing reprieve to escape Nice’s masses huddled along

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One of the several things France knows how to do the best, is perfumes. they’ve had quite a bit of

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Some people think that the French are all about etiquette and taste, not a hair out of place, not an

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I love the Montmartre area of Paris because it somehow is able to retain a consistent charm, a sincerity that

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Here’s glass artisan in the old village of biot in the south of France (not the glass factory just outside

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nuclear power plant or cloud making factory?

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Growing up, I’ve eaten weird things that many French people would not touch with a 10 foot pole. Ah, but

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Ahhh, Les Chtimi…No, I don’t have a cold and Yes, that IS French, believe it or not. The Chtimi (cutely

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I saw this fountain yesterday, and it sort of bugs me. i’m just going to leave it at that. (btw,

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France eats approximately 30 million baguettes a day.Wow (that’s a half a baguette for everyone every day). So do you

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As a musician, I’d be remiss to exclude the important subject of music and i’ll be posting several thoughts (not

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Remember this post about the cancer causing soda cans? This is part 2. It’s wicked hot right now and i’m

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I went out the other day to take pictures of Cercy La Tour, a beautiful village in Burgundy, and I

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Once home to extremely cheap wine, now it’s FREE! In a strange attempt to boost wine sales and to shrink

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Adopt a smart attitude If the Swiss watch manufacturer, Swatch, and the automobile manufacturer, DaimlerChrysler (makers of the Mercedes-Benz), fell

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Vichy’s natural spring water leaves a bad taste in the mouth, like its history Vichy, brand for a wide range

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A true and silly story: I was walking around a small town the other day with Lulu (my dog) and

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If you’re looking for an authentic Salade Niçoise, you’d think you just need to travel to Nice but, in fact,

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On Sunday August 7, in a place that is equidistant between Bordeaux and Toulouse, the biggest liar in France will

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If you think Fréjus’ moniker, “The Pompeii of Provence” sounds inauspicious, you could surmise over the fate of nearby Barrage

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Last night for dinner, I was served some very yummy scallops in béchamel sauce and a quiche of some kind

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This is a “Gasp! WTF (pardon the pun) and other expletives expletives!” versus a “AHHHH… eezeent zat kyooot!?” culturally contrasting

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While in the south of France, particularly in the largers cities of Nice or Marseille, if you don’t happen to

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appropriately fun title, i thought. it’s no secret that there are a lot of bare boobed statues in france and

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needless to say, i’m an animal lover particularly of dogs (and horses) so oftentimes you’ll see posts about my lulu,

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A quick 15 minute ferry ride from Cannes will take you to the Île St. Marguerite, one of the 2

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need i say more to this open air urinal with NO WALLS??????? you heard me. no walls, no room, no

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