Open Air Urinals!

need i say more to this open air urinal with NO WALLS??????? you heard me. no walls, no room, no ceiling, no door. nothing! as if they were open air phone booths. apparently, yes, i need to elaborate because it gets even better!

i was taking pretty pictures a few days ago, then i saw these. if anyone took a picture of my expression, it would be a crystal clearly focused photo with me looking grossed out but not surprised. then, i smiled because it’s so magnificently silly. france can shine with silly magnificence that way. noteworthy here: there’s a small playground for kids just NEXT to the urinals. the pic was taken from a small public alleyway that leads to a river (l’alene) and just next to the urinals is a house (they’re *lucky* enough to have a view of the backs of dudes peeing.) and people wonder why everyone makes fun of france!

just can’t be helped.

July 5th, 2005 by