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there’s a swedish site (by photographer jonas carlson) featuring breathtaking 360 degree panoramic views of some galleries inside the louvre

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today is supposed to be blog day or was it a few days ago? or tomorrow? i’m not sure but

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[via bignewsnetwork via AFP]: The [french] government is preparing a list of strategic economic sectors in which it may act

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tempted to put this in the “weird” category, i’m just going to leave it in “news” feeling that somehow, it’s

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this cartoon-like, precariously tottering tower of squished clocks sits in front of the paris train station, gare saint lazare, located

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there was a tragic fire in a building in paris which resulted in 17 dead and 30 people injured. this

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today there’s been a lot of talk about how americans are obese. guess what? they’ve been on average obese for

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to celebrate the end of summer with a bang, check out the festival, ‘rock en seine‘ taking place august 25

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i don’t think this drink would be that popular in english speaking countries. ya think?!! wouldn’t waiters enjoy saying, “would

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who says france is so expensive? now you can rent a bike in lyon for just 1 euro/hour ($1.22/hour). with

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the bright orange bag was screaming for attention…with good reason.

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popcorn, in france, is obviously an american thing. rarely have i seen popcorn packaging that DOESN’T look like an american

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a man from the village of audruicq, in the north of france has won the french national lotto FOR THE

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In a small, quiet village in Dordogne, France (Southwest France), a British couple’s plans are currently being drawn to install

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though i’m usually not much of a soda drinker, my newest thing is ricqles (pronounced REEK LESS). though i like

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i mean to say, SOME Dutch – and the answer to that question is definitely YES. i know because i

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there are so many merchant signs that are from the 50’s, some even earlier than that, and i love them.

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While listening to this bluegrass/country band sing Doc Watson’s “Keep on the Sunny Side of Life” I was temporarily sent

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a plane from panama to martinique crashed today in venezuela. there were no survivors. among the passengers were 153 french

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Fodor’s just posted their take on the 50 Best Restaurants in the world. Click here to: See zee list. As

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Thought it was time to post another cute picture of Lulu playing in a field of hay. see? dogs DO

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Click here to access the site Here’s a neat site of Parisian bloggers: (most blogs are in French): Les blogs

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no, i’m not talking about the kind in a package costing 10 centimes (10 for 1 euro at freres tang!)

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These have got to be the most dangerous (so-called) vehicles EVAR. It’s a microcar (aka voiturette) with these specs: lo-cylinder,

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This carved wooden statue of Tintin and his fox terrier, Milou, standing about four feet high, was in Antibes (near

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Socca is the crêpe’s southern cousin, so-to-speak; it’s the savory pancake of Nice made of chickpea flour and beautifully bears

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I’ve never met a French dessert I didn’t like so with me and French desserts, it’s a love affair and

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should the cashews be called “womengirls”?

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I took this photo of olives we helped harvest for a friend living in the Var, right before it got

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