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following a post at jerome’s inside the usa that was discussing the silly california legislation that is trying to enforce

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i wasn’t going to write about this since it’s all over the news but it’s bugging me too much. this

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cathedrals all over france, like notre dame and sacre coeur in paris and the cathedral in chartres (just outside paris)

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“The sound of the sea, the curve of a horizon, wind in leaves, the cry of a bird leave manifold

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this photo was taken in the heart of fréjus’ old town square, during their weekly outdoor market held on fridays

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whenever i’ve asked an english-speaking french person (who hasn’t yet had cheesecake) if they like cheesecake or would like cheesecake,

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a few weeks ago, i walked by this shoe repair shop in paris and had to stop and smile and

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just yesterday while drinking our morning coffee, we noticed it had a more bitter, burnt and overall less than usual

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the subject of wine has been all over the news lately, and i’m beginning to wonder if this is really

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the last day of the “foire” (faire or carnival) in le creusot was sunday so we decided to head out

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known as the “mimosa capital” (the flower, not the drink) of france, Mandelieu-la Napoule is sometimes overlooked because of its

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on friday, following a decision to ban “unsafe” airlines, France placed a ban on camair, the national airline company in

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after discussions between the eu (more likely, FRANCE) and the united states, it was decided that beginning in 2008, wine

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last year, 59 cities in france participated in “Bien dans ma ville sans voiture,” which is part of a successful

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reading on j-walkblog about the questionable (evil) reasons for the oil industry using fractions (specifically 9/10) for gasoline prices –

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in an effort to reduce road accidents and irresponsible (risky) driving, the clever road safety people placed these “signs” randomly

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I’ve decided to dedicate Mondays (Lundi) to posting a photo of my favorite boston terrier in france, LULU. she travels

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A unique environmental group in paris is letting out the air in tires of SUVs in and around paris. it’s

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With a surplus of milk, dairy prices dropping and a sluggish industry, life for dairy farmers in France hasn’t been

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2 days ago, wednesday, if you had a pulse and were awake at least part of the day, news of

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This year’s ‘nuit blanche’ (literally, “white night” meaning sleepless night) will take place on saturday, october 1 in paris. the

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Nearly 900 foreigners unaccounted for in Katrina aftermath: report Nearly 900 foreign nationals, many of them French and British, are

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having always ultimately admired developers (and their products) that create assistive technology: software specifically for people with disabilities, i am

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france is experiencing a sudden increase in gasoline prices just like the u.s. the thing is, gas in france (and

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i was going to write about the death of the president from a “country” called, “the free republic of saugeais”

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Last week the french government decided to put a ban on any foreign country buying or taking over companies in

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Every time the subject of Gérard Depardieu comes up (which is quite often; he’s in like eight million films) i’m

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mac users (using tiger’s dashboard) can listen to french radio with this neat (and free) application called, “m@radio” developed by

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As U.S. aid pours into the gulf coast, so too, is help from around the world, including France. The town

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as if all the chaos and tragedy along the gulf coast, biloxi and new orleans weren’t enough for the world

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