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since today is halloween, here’s my macabre “treat” – the dying words of a famous french grammarian: “I am about

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vence, the medieval hilltop village and former roman market town in the south of france is a great day trip

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french filmmaker, jean pierre jeunet, probably best known recently for “amelie,” (my personal favorite from him is the city of

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on november 7, 2005, at the palais de congres in paris, there will be a concert to help new orleans

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our friend, emmanuel, who is a game developer and who is based near montpellier, france, has just released a new

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right about now i’d be posting photos of our fabulously carved jack o lanterns – but i don’t have any

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the largest wind farm in france was just inaugurated in Haute Loire. with 26 turbines it is enough energy for

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the official route for next year’s Lance-less Tour de France has been posted. the complete route will cover the usual

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well-known for his humanitarian efforts by founding Emmaüs, france’s 93-year old abbot pierre has written a new book called, “Mon

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Jean-Benoit Nadeau and Julie Barlow, authors of best-seller and very interesting Sixty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong from 2003 have

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i guess if you hire the town tagger to design your store’s exterior, in this case, a hair salon, you

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there’s an article via reuters news expressing that eating poultry or eggs poses NO RISK of bird flu to consumers.

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a first glance at the village of la machine (burgundy) would leave you thinking that you have better places to

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recently, i received an email from an american couple that just returned from a trip to france, something they love

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“Saying that Nevers is a tiny town is an error of both the heart and the mind.” —Marguerite Duras (writer/actor/director)

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one of my frustrations here is that it’s difficult to find shirts with french on them. i’ve been looking for

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it’s amazing that this is the first dog bakery in france considering THE GOBS OF DOGS in france! the new

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3 brands that one would think typically american, are in fact, french owned! i thought that was a fun bit

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a law was passed in france to put a positive SPIN in textbooks related to its painful colonial past, making

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when we visited Montlu�on in the department of Allier, central france, people we met suggested we also check out charroux,

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the bird flu has been a subject on the news every day for the last couple of weeks or so

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lawmakers in france declared foie gras “part of the cultural and gastronomic patrimony, protected in France” and by unanimous vote

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we took a walk through a park last saturday and ran into this carousel ride. “why are those kids reaching

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lulu thought she’d be able to pick up that “stick.” anyway, have a good monday. today’s also a little late

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remember the bush google bomb a while back? if you typed, “miserable failure” in a google search, george w. bush

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the story: [via Saddam’s Dreams of the French Riviera at E-nough!]

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guess it’s france’s turn to lampoon the US! article: New Asterix Books pokes fun at US

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i think i have games on the mind lately. vacheland is an online sim game where you can be the

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i’m wondering if anyone knows why the french decided to call this sandwich, the “sandwich americain”? to me, it’s not

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france has one of the worst road safety records in europe, and so, since 2000 has attempted to improve this

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