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gps satellite navigation system company, tomtom, with the goal of creating a viral marketing campaign – has launched a game

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this man is a professional model that “sits” in a window display for a pretzel shop. hey! pretzels aren’t very

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“…the myth of color-blind France is complex and flawed. Nonetheless, it has exercised a powerful attraction upon both [B]lack Americans

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it’s just after thanksgiving (of course, french people don’t know and/or don’t care) but to me, it marks the start

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i took this photo today from our bedroom window upstairs. a bit foggy but i love the snow! there were

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a baker comes to our house every week (yay him!) and we never know what he’ll have inside his bakery

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…(or a pain au chocolat) and some milk. he’d been floating for a distance of 800 miles surviving on rainwater

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some time in the 80s, german filmmaker, philip gröning, asked the grande chartreuse monastery located near grenoble, france if he

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he’s baaaaaAAAaaack. stephen clarke, author of the laugh-out-loud and huge success, a year in the merde has released a new

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france doesn’t celebrate (duh!) but we are celebrating our own thanksgiving en famille sans turkey. *GASP* yes, this year is

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a cool tidbit about exam questions for the french high school diploma (the bac) – via Yahoo and AFP: “When

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this book(let) from 1945 was written by the Information & Education Division of the US Occupation Forces. yes, france’s ally,

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there are a couple of groups in paris that organize rollerblading “runs.” one’s on sunday (unless it’s raining or the

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i walked through a cemetery just a few days ago in search of a pirate’s tombstone that supposedly was shaped

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this week brings lulu to the city of calais, an important commercial french port town, in the north of france

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speaking of video games, here is one called “ladybugs” developed by our french software developer friends at midori based in

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i never thought i’d ever say that france’s postal service was cool, but la poste is so very cool! they’ve

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a group of 15 french illustrators have assembled their work to be included “en bande dessinée” in a (cartoon-style) book

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in 1976, french filmmaker, claude lelouche, along with his formula 1 bud, shot a short film during the wee hours

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i couldn’t drive pass this village without stopping to take a picture of its name. le trou d’enfer translates as

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though it took 53 years to decide, the roman catholic church has declared that a healing from 1952 in lourdes,

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wine fanatics everywhere are probably already filled with beaujolais nouveau right now as i write this post! today is the

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talking about the waiter reminiscent of a pepe le pew gone bad at angelina the other day made me think

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after a sip of orangina, i realized it wasn’t the orangina it used to be. the orangina that i LIKED.

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if you had to translate “bling bling” into french, the closest word i can think of is: cannes. mainly known

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a translation of mille feuilles in french is “thousand leaves.” it is made of 3 groups of rectangular layers of

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my chocoholism leads me somewhere every week and one week it led me to an independent chocolatier (chocolate shop) in

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it’s been a while since i was last in angelina cafe on rue de rivoli for one of the best

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the chevy chase branch library has impeccable timing as their window display right now is dedicated to all things french.

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i often run into europeans who SWEAR that americans have no concept of GEOGRAPHY, not knowing where anything is. i

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