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someone once said that if you can look back at the entire year remembering times you’ve experienced profound emotion (sadness,

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pepsi may be #2 in the u.s. but i’m afraid after coke’s acquisition of orangina, pepsi’s lifeline distribution network in

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is that queen elizabeth sandwiched between george bush (with boobs) and a doggie stylin’ jacques chirac? these posters among others

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these are the most popular posts for whytraveltofrance since the beginning, only 5 months ago. clearly, dog poo is a

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the podcast shaking up france’s politics 2005 Foot-in-Mouth Awards small town receives $1.6 million the french go postal with the

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i’ve switched this site’s web publishing system to wordpress so now has a new look and a new RSS

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SO: “what is lulu wearing?” me: “the sleeve from your sweater.” SO: “i wanted to wear that sweater.” me: “you

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more here. the podcast is in french.

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i vowed that i’d post the followup to a meme sent to me by elisabeth a WHILE ago whether it

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there’s an article in the international herald tribune today reporting how only 10% of the french national assembly is voting

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the biggest disconnect for me in france, is the traditional christmas cake, La Bûche de Noël. (christmas log) it is

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christmas dinner is not christmas dinner without the presence of oysters. this shouldn’t stop you from eating oysters during months

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it’s christmas time. there’s no need to be afraid. oh wait, except for geese and ducks. in which case, they

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it was a cold, rainy evening but a little too early for most of the restaurants to be open for

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just as english uses french words incorrectly, (i.e., in the u.s., “rendez-vous” has more of a connotation of a tryst

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i got really excited when i saw these coffee filters in the store last week. they’re made from bamboo fibers,

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here is my french music overview/guide. i tried to put a wide variety of music but i’ve left many out.

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france has more incinerators alone than all of the other EU countries’ incinerators combined. how many does france have? 133!

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it’s back to the south of france again and this week; lulu’s in the coastal town and tiny hilltop village

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we went to a farm yesterday and wandered around to look at the horses, sheep, ducks, pigs and dogs. i

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founder of Emmaüs, 93 year old abbot pierre, (who recently released his book, my god why) has released a CD

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today is dedicated to gift suggestions (of french foods) for francophiles. you can find most of these online in the

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talking about christmas shopping in france the other day made me really think, “OMG i still haven’t finished my shopping!”

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coca-cola, the world’s largest and number 1 soft drink company, reported that it will launch a coffee-infused soft drink called

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me: “what should i get the boys (my teenage nephews) for christmas?” my sis: “i dunno. get them something french.”

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from afar, looking at this poster on a french mcdonalds sort of gave me the impression that they had carrot

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in the eyes of people all over the world, parisians seem stylish, untouchable, well-groomed and sophisticated, but the northern french

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click here to enlarge the photo no, that’s not a panther in mid pounce, it’s lulu. she’s running like a

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i just found out about this music festival that looks pretty good (at least for me, for the fugees alone).

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VLC is an excellent highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, avi, DivX, mp3,

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