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French Film, La Marche de l’empereur (March of the Penguins) by Luc Jacquet and Yves Darondeau from A Bonne Pioche

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my name is pt ford and i’m a junkfood junkie. (*applause*) i guess if there were a junkfood junkies anonymous,

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lulu decided to explore another village in burgundy this week. tamnay-en-bazois (originally named tamenayum in 1359), is a small village

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how many more dog photos do you think i can post in one day?? though france has little to do

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oui. what will happen next? stay tuned for tomorrow’s photo… (click to enlarge) ============================ lulu and her bed bud are

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we’ve taken a lot of road trips in france and feel this little tip may come in handy when in

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this is france’s minister of economy and finance, thierry breton. my brazilian friends would not like his little gesture in

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in france, pigs find the coveted truffle and people eat them, but in china people find truffles and feed them

Posted in articles, food and drinks, news is offering excellent fares to paris right now: book tickets by january 31 and fly through March 31. Prices

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my french inlaws came to see us while we were in the u.s. and we decided to take them to

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one of the biggest kicks i get out of being in france is when i find something i’ve never seen

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though it has been done before, the tour de france next year will go outside of france to stage the

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it had to happen. monsieur louis vuitton jumped on the ipod band wagon, and why shouldn’t he? LV is not

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last year renault began selling the cheapest new car on the market, the logan, a collaborative effort with romania’s dacia

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you’ll be happy you stopped by today because after today, your life will be that much richer. if you have

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it looks like lulu is outside on a sidewalk somewhere but she’s actually inside a church. (click here to enlarge

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excerpt from the article, “French lover legend turns into farce”: FORGET the perception of France as a land of sexual

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more macnerdy stuff! Widget AquaMac will keep you current on AquaMac News in French about all things Mac, DSL, hardware,

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click to enlarge photo WAIT! that’s not lulu! i love taking photos of other dogs i see in france and

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“Les grandes personnes ne comprennent jamais rien toutes seules, et c’est fatigant, pour les enfants, de toujours leur donner des

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buzzing on the french blogosphere lately: the story of a montpellier-based blogger named Garfieldd who blogged about his life as

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for those of you who are unable to use maps on ipod i mentioned the other day, this might be

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continuing along the subject of my post about french 60s and 70s music video clips, here’s another gem of a

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lulu, my s.o and i were taking a walk down this street, alongside a canal, and i saw this store

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according to apple computers, 42 million ipods have been sold to-date (reported by steve jobs at macworld san francisco last

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in general, i’d have to say that france has some catching up to do (like 25 years!) in the world

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are you thinking the same thing i am? (aside from thinking how rude i’ve become for writing a title like

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i WISH the title was a reference to an episode of seinfeld, but sadly, it isn’t. there’s a political group

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i’m so glad i stumbled across this. at you tube, you can check out bibi’s playlist of deliciously kitsch 60s

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