Oscar Nomination: March of the Penguins
Tuesday January 31st 2006, 1:17 pm
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march of the penguins
French Film, La Marche de l’empereur (March of the Penguins) by Luc Jacquet and Yves Darondeau from A Bonne Pioche Production and distributed by Warner Independent Pictures – has been nominated for an Academy Award in the category of “Best Documentary Feature.”

See the complete list of nominees here: List of Nominees for the 78th Academy Awards

the oscar ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, March 5, 2006.

French Junkfood – Smoked Ham Flavored Bugles!
Tuesday January 31st 2006, 9:54 am
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my name is pt ford and i’m a junkfood junkie. (*applause*) i guess if there were a junkfood junkies anonymous, i’d have to attend the meetings. but! i don’t want to stop. i must need an intervention or something like that.

i confess: i like to snack and i eat junkfood, lots of it: candy, cookies, chips, cakes, chocolates, practically everything in the junkfood category that tastes good to me – with the exception of junk meals in evil fast food joints. i DO have my limits.

just three years ago when we moved to france, i’d complain about how all the chips were plain or “paprika” favored. that’s it. and if they weren’t called “paprika” they tasted just like the paprika flavored chips, which all tasted like the american version of “bbq” flavored chips. not knocking those, but i like some variety. three years later in france, i’m beginning to find more choices like crème fraîche/onions (very much like the sour cream green onion) and these 3D’s bugles. weren’t bugles always 3D?

ok, so french people have no idea what “bugle” means and i think i saw a spot on tv where the voice over guy just NEVER says, “bugles” and just calls them “trois D.” (i wondered how he would even pronounce “bugles”) i guess this is american junkfood tailor-made for the french. do they have ham flavor bugles in the u.s.? i have no idea.

anyway, i saw these 3D’s bugles “goût bacon” which doesn’t mean bacon flavored, but rather, smoked-ham flavored. i was more fascinated by the packaging than the actual smoked ham flavored bugles, which i’m thinking is more of a temptation for french people. i dunno. i found the slab of ham pictured below the “goût bacon” sort of unappetizing; i didn’t think the packaging even tried to be enticing – which makes me believe that packaging, in fact, doesn’t matter here.

we bought them anyway to try (an experiment!) and not by the merit of its packaging. i didn’t like them at all. however, they didn’t lie: they tasted exactly like smoked ham. i was at least relieved that they didn’t taste like “paprika.”

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Lulu Lundi* Tamnay-en-Bazois, France
Monday January 30th 2006, 9:50 am
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tamnay en bazois france lulu

lulu decided to explore another village in burgundy this week. tamnay-en-bazois (originally named tamenayum in 1359), is a small village in burgundy known for its pottery from local artisans. it has a population of 175 inhabitants. we visited the large warehouse of pottery and their space outdoors because we highly support independent artists and artisans in france, and love discovering their work. sadly, we only found very few pottery items made by people in the region and realize the reason for the dwindling numbers of local artists.

i’d guess that there was about less than 5% of hand-crafted, locally produced pottery actually residing at the warehouse. the rest of the pottery looked like replicas of different styles of pottery massed produced and made in china. though the chinese-made pottery is significantly cheaper, it is surely inferior in quality (not to mention, copies of other people’s designs) and at the same time, forcing the french indie artists to quit, as they cannot compete and survive against the low prices of products coming from china. i certainly hope the independent french artisans and artists do not disappear entirely.
Lulu Lundi* – every lundi (monday) is dedicated to an adorable boston terrier, lulu – you’ll find photos of lulu in different places around france and travel information each week.

Year of the Dog and French Celebrities Born in Dog Years
Saturday January 28th 2006, 6:55 pm
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year of the dog
how many more dog photos do you think i can post in one day??

though france has little to do with chinese new year, i have to mention that january 29, 2006 marks the start of the chinese new year, which is the year of the dog. lulu was actually born during the year of the rabbit (maybe that’s why her ears are so big) but is celebrating for her dog year friends. here’s to the year of the dog; may this year and beyond be remarkable.

based on chinese astrology, there are 12-year cycles of animals of the zodiac that is directly related to the chinese calendar. each animal is associated with specific personality traits. those born in the year of the dog are known to be honest, trustworthy and loyal, but can also be extremely stubborn. they tend to not worry about finances, but always have money around. people born in the year of the dog get along with people born in the year of the horse, rabbit, and tiger.
year of the dog and dog's friends

famous french celebrities (or celebrities famous in france) born during the year of the dog include:

1982 Chimène BADI
1982 Jenifer
1982 Lorie
1982 Nolwenn LEROY
1982 Thierry AMIEL
1970 Lara FABIAN née Lara Crockaert
1970 Sinclair
1958 Lambert WILSON
1958 Jeannie LONGO
1958 Alain CHABAT
1958 Francis LALANNE
1946 Bernard LAVILLIERS
1946 Amanda LEAR
1946 Yves LECOQ
1946 Richard COCCIANTE
1946 Michel DELPECH
1946 Chantal GOYA
1946 Brigitte FOSSEY
1946 William SHELLER
1946 Mireille MATHIEU
1946 Sheila
1934 Pierre PERRET
1934 Georges MOUSTAKI

click here to see american celebrities born in the year of the dog.

[via stars-celebrites and ramdam]
this is also lulu and friend’s heaping helping of weekend dog blogging #19 generously hosted chez sweetnicks (thanks, sweetnicks) please see all the adorable dogs sunday after 9pm eastern standard time u.s.a.

A Dog Sleeping with a Cat?
Saturday January 28th 2006, 12:01 am
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lulu and cat

oui. what will happen next? stay tuned for tomorrow’s photo… (click to enlarge)
lulu and her bed bud are joining this week’s celebration of weekend cat blogging #34 kindly hosted chez masak-masak (thanks, boo_licious!) – cat people can check out all the cute kitties on saturday.

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