Epiphany Today – Feast of the Kings (and Queens!)

we couldn’t wait until today to eat a galette du roi, so last tuesday we ate one and i wrote about the french tradition for epiphany. well, it’s epiphany and i remembered to post a picture today of the fève that was inside our galette. it’s a cute hand-painted porcelain fish that is about an inch long. i guess this fish is a quasi religious symbol. in the past, you were more likely to find a porcelain praying mary or church or cross but now, it’s business as usual and bakeries will pick fèves that are more marketably kid-friendly. after this bottom line tradition, bakeries vie for offering the best fèves.

lulu didn’t REALLY find the fève but she looked the best wearing a crown. surprisingly, she had no interest whatsoever in the galette! it was a rare moment in history when lulu prefers something other than food. miracles DO happen!

we got another galette today.

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January 8th, 2006 by