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From Agence France Presse: Germany reported the first known case in Europe of H5N1 bird flu infecting a cat, a

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Lulu can never turn down a walk, so today she’s exploring Autun, France, located in the deparment of Saône-et-Loire in

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You can find this adorable sheepdog with his mum selling beautiful flowers of all kinds at the weekly flower market

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It has been a while since I last posted for the “French Pastries 101 Series” so today’s installment will cover,

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Foodblogger kat in japan mentioned going to a spa the other day and it reminded me of a trip my

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Looking through the ads for a local supermarket usually doesn’t involve me interjecting an, “ACK!” “WHOA” “WHA?” or “EIUWW!” The

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From The Associated Press: City officials are hoping to harness the power of dog doo. San Franciscans already recycle more

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Computer company, Dell Computers is suing a Parisian website designer named Paul DELL for using his own name on his

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Just this morning I received an email from someone (thank you Mat!) with a link to a website for information

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New York singer-songwriter-guitarist, Jonatha Brooke, will perform live on George Lang’s RTL France radio program Les Noctures. The program will

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This has trouble written all over it… From the Telegraph: France’s drinkers can now buy a potion which supposedly stops

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Emphasizing the handy no-hands unlocking system for their model Megane, the French car manufacturer Renault released this funny spot. To

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Normally, for “Lulu Lundi” I’d post a photo of Lulu (our favorite Boston Terrier in France) and feature a place

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We ran into this wandering dog in the park wearing a mini hardhat. Lulu was equally fascinated and terrified (or

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A few months ago, I remarked on how it is nearly impossible to find tee-shirts in France with French on

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It occurred to me recently that I haven’t seen a white egg (shell) since we’ve arrived in France. We now

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[via Reuters]

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For the entertainment and francophile people, here’s some breaking news: 25-year old Parisian Eva Green has been chosen to be

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One of the most common and popular flavors for gum in France is the flavor called “Chlorophylle” made by the

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as if “i see dead people part 1” wasn’t bad enough, here’s the new and improved (NOT) “i see dead

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i’m not talking about the dave matthews band here. DMB stands for Digital Media Broadcasting. in plain english it means

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at least that’s what they’re saying about this instant powdered version. hasn’t this already been invented for astronauts? anyway, the

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who was it that said there were not enough naked men in france? oh yeah. me. and tomate farcie! (and

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despite a 2.8 percent rise in full-year core earnings, france telecom has announced that they will be laying off 17,000

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so the breaking news is that brad pitt and angelina jolie have moved to paris (see the news)!!!!!!!! i know.

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ignoring last month’s announcement by the automobile manufacturer ford that they will be laying off 30,000 workers within the next

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for weekend dog blogging, i decided to feature our friend’s cute yorkshire terrier named loulou. he lives in carry le

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the games festival is an annual event (that i wish i’d known about earlier!) that takes place in cannes, at

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remember the famous words of france’s emperor napoleon bonaparte?” ne te laves pas, j’arrive! (don’t wash, i’m coming!) ok, so

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