Say Cheese to…Naked French Girls!

what goes perfectly with a french cheese, say for example, a nice, ripe wedge of brie de meaux? you might be thinking red wine, fruit, crusty nut breads perhaps? well, french cheese producers would disagree. in their case, what they feel goes best with brie de meaux (and some of you would agree) would unmistakably be mademoiselle bérénice.

in preparation for the big day, national cheese day, that is, the association fromage de terroirs (association of regional cheeses) has launched a campaign to promote april 8, the day they’ve dedicated to all things cheesy. i mean cheese. well, cheesy too. you see, with the help from the poster “girls,” the association has made a calendar available for purchase. each month features a mademoiselle [fill in the cheese here], and not only is she posing provocatively with a piece of cheese, but she’s also either butt naked or in lingerie. it cracks me up. it puts a new twist on the slogan, “i love cheese.” i think i saw that somewhere for some american cheese association. of course, i could never in a zillion years imagine anything like this campaign in the u.s. however, this is such a commonplace “strategy” for france. you will see this kind of thing all the time. you know, naked girl with car, naked girl stroking cup of coffee, naked man running for his cologne, naked girl eating yogurt. hey! there are NOT enough naked men, but i digress.

doesn’t zee mademoiselle bérénice brie above sort of remind you of glenn close in the old movie fatal attraction?? anyway, these calendars are available to purchase for 8 euros ($9.50) – can you hear it now? “get ’em while their hot!”

back to national cheese day, which is april 8. cheese tastings, festivals and contests will be held all over france, so if interested, find out about what’s happening in specific regions here. if you’re more interested in the calendar for whatever reason (i won’t ask), visit: La Journée Nationale du Fromage. at the site, you’ll also find more information. [photos by Christelle VIVIANT]

February 9th, 2006 by