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First an update on the CPE: It’s a go but has been shortened to 1 year instead of 2 years,

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SIDA in French means AIDS. Every year in France (March 31, April 1 & 2), there’s a fund-raising event for

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Start the drumroll. Tomorrow Jacques Chirac will announce the final outcome of the CPE and it looks like it is

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I know junkfood is bad for you but it’s probably the only bad thing I consume, which makes me feel

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You can’t get to Urville by plane, train, car or boat but you can see it from the comfort of

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The strikes can’t help but make me wonder about the economic health of Europe in general. Here’s an interesting yet

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There’s a general national strike today in solidarity of the students fighting against the CPE. Whether you’re for it or

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Despite the news on television that purports that France is a literal copy of the landscape in Gangs of New

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Most people have heard by now that France is trying to crack down on illegal downloading of music and movies,

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Tête de nègre is a French dessert with a really troublesome and terribly non-politically correct name. There seems to be

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This is Mitchu, the cutest chair hugging Parisian cat I’ve ever seen. He has loved this white chair ever since

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This is a post written by guest blogger: Bruce From the point of view of the students and businesses, the

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[enlarge photo]

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Our developer friend, Julien, based in Paris, was thinking about you when he made Android. It is a perfect distraction

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What could be more relaxing than reading a good book, and hanging out with your beautiful twins in the park?

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What is the saying? When the cat’s away, the mice will play. But right now in France, it’s: When the

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Yesterday’s excitement about Jerry Lewis’ merited (or not) French Legend of Honor made me wonder about who else has received

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You love him, you really love him!!!!! Whoa! Professor!!! Don’t get on my case. There has been lots of dispute

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This is sad and scares me. From the EU Observer: Bird flu is continuing to spread with Denmark reporting the

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With all of the French university student protests against the CPE, another separate yet contributory issue keeps emerging within the

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Here’s Lulu doing her cute hunting dog pose. I haven’t gone out much lately because it is SO COLD where

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Le Dog du jour: Cute lab snoring away, completely asleep and oblivious to the crowd of hundreds of people walking

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Cool widget that shows your French TV program and movie listings. You can personalize your own list and you can

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Instead of torturing you with more sadistic dentist stories, I’ll venture into something less disturbing in France: music. Actually, the

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The word “petrified” doesn’t even come close to how I feel about going to the French dentist. The sentiment is

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We hadn’t heard from one of our friends who lives in the north of France, so I called him. He’s

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I’ve been reading a lot of photo blogs and sites lately, and found this amazing site of aerial photos of

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We saw this display of a vacuum labeled, “televiseur” (television set) and laughed. Looks like the work of a bored

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Yesterday was a sunny day and snow was everywhere. I forgot to set my camera to accommodate all of the

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This is Alaska, my neighbor’s huggable giant puppy of various origins: German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd and Great Dane (we think).

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