Recycle Your Old Mobile Phones in France
Sunday April 30th 2006, 12:30 pm
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10 to 15 MILLION mobile phones are sold in France every year (72% of people in France use cel phones). What happens to all of the old phones? What did you do with your old cel phone that no one else wanted?

If you have an old mobile telephone that is just sitting around your house and eventually will get thrown away in the garbage, instead, please think about taking it to a France Telecom or Orange office/store. They are obligated to take them back for recycling and that way, your phone will probably not end up in a landfill. While millions of phones do end up in landfills, if more people knew about the recycling programs, the risk of horrible environmental problems could easily be avoided.

The batteries in cel phones are particularly insidious because if, for example, just one battery (made of Nickel Metal, Nickel Cadmium and Lithium) reaches a water source, it alone can contaminate 600,000 liters (158,503 gallons) of water.

Once your mobile phone is received at France Telecom or Orange (same state company), it enters into one of the following channels:

– Re-use: phone is good condition or need minimal repairs are refurbished and resold to countries that have lower buying power.

– Re-use: parts are separated to be recuperated and used for repairs.

– Recyling: old and damaged phones are dismantled, sorted according to materials and recycled.

– Disposal: Material that cannot be recycled, recovered or refurbished is collected and disposed of to landfills or incinerated. France Telecom claims that less than 1% of the entire collected phones goes to landfill or incinerators.

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Foire de Paris

Today launches the opening of the “Foire de Paris” a giant expo featuring the newest, hottest, futuristic and weirdest gadgets, furniture, appliances, leisure equipment and more – made by thousands of vendors and inventors from all over. It’s a great opportunity to see some wild and cool things while you contemplate giving your home and life a facelift.

Foire de Paris – April 28 – May 8 – Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles; Hours: 10am to 7pm; Saturday & Sunday 9:30am to 7pm; May 5 until 11pm

Entrance Fees
Individuals: 12 €
2 Day Pass: 18 €
Under 14 years: 7 €
Under 7 years: free

Note: Babysitting is available for up to 2 hours maximum for kids ages 4 – 10 years old. (Hall Eight); Also 20% discounts on SNCF round-trip train tickets are available (see the site for details); Dogs are not allowed. (What!!?)

For more information: Foire de Paris (in French)

Eiffel Tower Seen From Space
Friday April 28th 2006, 9:31 am
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This photo is from Google Earth and was taken from space. You can actually see the people lining up to take the elevators up the Eiffel Tower! They say that now photos taken from space can photograph something as small as a one euro coin. That is serious zoom in power at work.
eiffel tower from space
Click on the photo to see the full photo at Google Earth.

Calico Cat
Friday April 28th 2006, 8:57 am
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calico cat in cercy
Isn’t it nice when a cat you don’t even know will stop to pose for you right as you have your camera at the ready? This kind and cute calico cat did just that as I was watching it from above. Doesn’t she look almost camoflauged with the gravel and dirt? Click on the photo to zoom out.

Happy Friday!

Furry Paws and Carnival of the Cats

Senseless Acts of Beauty – The World’s Graffiti Art
Friday April 28th 2006, 5:24 am
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Some of my favorite street art is along, “The Great Wall of Los Angeles,” a mural (the longest mural in the world) of art depicting the history of ethnic peoples of California, civil rights and even some theories about people of the past. Conveniently in one place in the Tujunga Flood Control Channel, you can see the art project at once if you walk along the 2,754 feet (half a mile) wall.

Most of the world’s street art is, however, scattered all over, which is fun too because you’ll end up eventually being happily surprised by it as you come across it serendipitously. That takes some time, so for people who’d like to see a lot more art concentrated in one place, they can visit “Senseless Acts of Beauty”, a growing online gallery of the world’s graffiti (they call it “good” graffiti).

The site began a couple of years ago with photos originating from an exhibition of Urban Pictographs and Petroglyphs in Budapest. Choose from nearly 80 cities to view the photos of graffiti. The largest numbers from one city come from Paris, so it’s a fun way to see street art in Paris all without getting tired feet.

If you have photos of graffiti art, you can share them by easily uploading them directly on Senseless Acts of Beauty.

Senseless Acts of Beauty – Paris

See Other Cities

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