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10 to 15 MILLION mobile phones are sold in France every year (72% of people in France use cel phones).

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Today launches the opening of the “Foire de Paris” a giant expo featuring the newest, hottest, futuristic and weirdest gadgets,

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This photo is from Google Earth and was taken from space. You can actually see the people lining up to

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Isn’t it nice when a cat you don’t even know will stop to pose for you right as you have

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Some of my favorite street art is along, “The Great Wall of Los Angeles,” a mural (the longest mural in

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Jean-Francois Cope, France’s Budget Minister has announced the launch of a new online game called, “Cyberbudget” that let’s you step

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Da Vinci Code fanatics from the U.S., Australia and the UK (sorry rest of the world) can take a quest

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It’s now a requirement in France to pass a French language test and earn a “diploma” to obtain your carte

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Oftentimes it takes someone else’s hard work and vision to see something artistic in something like manhole covers. As an

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Montbard has one of the smallest but prettiest chateau gardens I’ve seen in France and Lulu had to have a

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It’s never too late to plan for a vacation, even this summer’s vacation to…France! Yahoo’s “Farechase” has just gone from

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The devastating impact of global warming has already begun. Think of all the victims of Katrina, tsunami in Asia, increasing

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In the same spirit as French candies playfully linked to the idea of body parts, these mustard dispensers are associated

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The A to Z of Cannes

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Le Ciel est Bleu is a French company dedicated to multimedia conception, interactivity and experimentation. One of their coolest projects

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Inspired by Pretzelbug’s comments in yesterday’s post, here are some tips and links if you happen to find yourself wanting

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Many people have emailed me asking to alert them to any concerts with Francis Cabrel. He’s going to be in

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Rarely, if ever, do I find myself talking about someone’s testicles, let alone EATING them but this is France, and

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I always thought that! Dark chocolate is a necessity, not a superfluous “item” in our lives. It has not only

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Every single day 13,000 smokers die. Why? Because they smoked! That duh-ism is so hidden in mainstream society that French

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There are definitely more interesting things to do in Cagnes-sur-Mer than cramming a bunch of people into a photo booth

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Happy Easter from a chocolate French caterpillar. (it reminds me of the Animaniacs) Click on the photo to zoom out

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It is a rare occasion when you can’t bring a dog somewhere in France but when I was about to

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France has a dog poo problem; that is no secret. It is indeed a mess. There are a lot of

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When wine is made, after its fermentation it goes through another process called, “fining” during which time new ingredients are

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I love cats because I enjoy my home, and little by little, they become its visible soul. — Jean Cocteau,

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While taking a walk through a tiny old village called, Chagny, my S.O. suddenly stops in mid-step and says, “whoa.”

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The Sécurité Routière, France’s Department of Road Safety has just released a spot for television that is so shocking and

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We spent a few days at a small independent winery/B&B near Beaune to explore the beautiful area and have a

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This is one of my favorite art blogs; it’s a fun place to visit when you can and it is

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