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When I see retrolicious plastic chairs, they DO seem like antiques to me, but I come from the fairly newish

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French television is digging deep into its archives looking for all things football (soccer to us Yanks), gearing up for

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Today’s Memorial Day, a day to remember the sacrifices of American veterans. Btw, the French Memorial/Veterans/Armistice Days are May 8

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Every year, the village of Rocamadour hosts the largest cheese festival in the south of France. Rocamadour is located in

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In the U.S. there’s the Tooth Fairy, the magical elfin philanthropist that comes late at night to give some ka-ching

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Or should I ask if Ana-Lucia from Lost (aka Michelle Rodriguez) can handle France. Why am I even talking about

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This is a feisty, brindle French bulldog I caught a photo of walking down the street looking for trouble. Isn’t

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Better late than never, right?? That just goes to show you that some things take 20+ years to get adopted

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The recent opening of Apple’s very brilliantly designed glass store in New York made me think about why there aren’t

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World Cup is just around the corner (June 9) and World Cup fever is not a negligible event in France,

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Sooooo….. I’m wondering why I have to read the news in an Australian newspaper to find out about nuclear waste

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I have a feeling this photo has been around since the last presidential elections in the U.S. but I just

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Do you remember when you were a kid (or maybe you still do this or maybe you ARE a kid)

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My visit to Paris last weekend lasted approximately 30 short hours before I was back on the train heading home

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Before entering the Temple in La Boulaye we saw this “couple” from afar. I had to take the photo from

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Do you have a Mac from the U.S.or other region but want to play DVDs from France or other countries

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I don’t think I would have known there was an exhibition of dragons in Paris, if I hadn’t seen this

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Remember the very cool French Nabaztag? The wi-fi enabled bunny rabbit? Well, a hundred of them are getting together on

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Our house is on a cul-de-sac and at the end of the road, there’s a forest that we call our

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This photo of a beautiful English Bull Dog in the 9th arrondissement of Paris was taken by me just yesterday.

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In my continuing attempt to support French software and game developers, I bring you…a game! Pépère, sa voiture et son

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For some crazy arse reason, Maxwell House is sort of considered hip and trendy in France. And even..good! Can you

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A photographer friend of mine once sent me a photo of a cactus from a dessert in the southwest (U.S.)

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Not long ago, Jacques Chirac announced plans for a French-German collaboration to create an internet search engine that would rival…well,

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Millions of people have iPods and the numbers aren’t going to slow down in the near future, I’m sure. Just

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Nevermind that many of us eat these very cute and cuddly animals, Pigs in France is a new website specifically

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“I believe that the French, who are Christian by culture and ancestry, should remain Christian” ~His Holiness the 14th Dalai

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Foodies and Food Bloggers! Celebrate the arrival of Spring the gastronomic way. Make sure to catch this amazing gourmet Parisian

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Yay Spring! These Wisteria flowers are growing all around our house on long, long vines and I love them. They

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For Weekend Dog Blogging and Friday Ark, Lulu is hangin’ with the Nettles. (see post below or click here to

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