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Perhaps these cases were isolated, but my experiences at BBQs chez French people’s houses involve…well, heavy in the stomach mega-hungry-man

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No one expected it but Les Bleus won against Togo by the necessary 2 points! They now can proceed on

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While everyone in France was preparing to watch the World Cup match with France playing against Togo to try to

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Via Gizmodo Lawmakers in France approved a softened copyright law that allows a workaround for Apple to keep their iTunes

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Today will mark the day in history where French government votes on the issue of Apple’s evil DRM, the digital

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Since our winter lasted so long, now that’s it’s warmer, I simply HAVE to be outdoors. However, it’s hard to

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Ze Bus just announced the dates of their tours around western France, so if you want to see parts of

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Lulu Lundi completely slipped my mind yesterday so to offer reparations, here’s a Lulu Mardi! Click on the photo to

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As amazing as it sounds (since I never watch sports), I’ve been totally getting into the World Cup and have

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Are you a discreet, techy traveler? Do guided group tours make you cringe? Do you like to seeing things at

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The French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin has launched a project that will involve removing silt from the island of

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While making stopover at our favorite organic farm, the last thing I expected was a charging animal. Full. Speed. Ahead.

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The decision to head over to the Salon Saveurs last month was a spur of the moment thing for a

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I know, I know. Junk food is BAD for you but look at this bag. How could one pass up

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Many expats in France call Skype their bestfriend, or at least call their bestfriends with Skype. Yay for free long-distance

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If only I could feel this kind of happiness when running… *Lulu Lundi features our adorable Boston Terrier, Lulu, somewhere

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The 6th Annual Apple Expo will take place in Paris from September 12 to 16, 2006. (Porte de Versailles, Hall

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June is typically when gay/lesbian pride festivals take place worldwide, so I thought I’d list some of the upcoming events

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Along with croissants, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins, and the brioche, the totally YUM chausson aux pommes is a

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Currently in France, you can purchase condoms at the supermarkets, condom machines on the street (yes, really), pharmacies and schools

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French Flash game developers, Anode and Cathode have created a series of fun, point-and-click adventure games. The Museum will take

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I can sum up my review of Coca-Cola Blak in one word: EIUW!!!!!!!!!!!! Highly unrecommended unless you love the taste

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The movie trailer (teaser) of the live action computer animated feature film, Arthur and the Minimoys, directed by Luc Besson

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I love window displays in France because no matter where you see them, whether you’re in a tiny, remote and

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Sometimes a stop at an unknown village is well worth the detour. You never know what you’ll find. Upon arrival,

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The French (ok, and expat residents of France) produce approximately 880 million tons of trash every year. Wow and yes

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A couple of days ago, I wrote about how a mathematician found out that the scratch games in France are

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The entire route for the Tour de France has been mapped out on Google Earth. Click below for the complete

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They’re calling this movie a “docu-funny” and oh please I hope it is. The movie title, “Dans La Peau de

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According to a retired mathematician and a professor/mathematician from the University of Jussieu, the French version of “Scratch and Win”

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