Window Displays

I love window displays in France because no matter where you see them, whether you’re in a tiny, remote and unknown village or a large cosmopolitan fashion conscious city, they usually have one thing in common: they tend to have lots of personality.

Some are absolutely David Lynch-esque (and you just go, “ooooh but whaaa?” head tilted, others will be perfectly arranged like an art exhibit and you want to stand there and look at it forever; many are playful and some are fun and silly. This particular display caught my eye because of the retro detergent boxes and very cool old clothes pins. I barely noticed the funky fun vintage purses and when they (and the prices!) finally caught my eye I went back to looking at the Tide, Coop, Sunil, Paic, Spic and Persil detergents.I believe most of these brands still exist. It was weird to see the Tide box, because I don’t think I’ve seen Tide here in France (maybe I missed it). I wondered if they were actually real, old boxes from back in the day, or were they made last week in the style of the 50s and meant to look weathered?

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June 6th, 2006 by