Lulu Mardi* Saint Laurent du Var France

Lulu Lundi completely slipped my mind yesterday so to offer reparations, here’s a Lulu Mardi!
saint laurent du var france
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Saint Laurent du Var, a beach town sandwiched between the cities of Nice and Cagnes-sur-mer along the French Riviera, is often passed over for its more famous neighboring cities, but is one of the best places to take part in water sports in the south of France. It’s also where you can go shopping at one of the largest malls (CAP 3000) in the area and park for free. There is actually better shopping at the Nice Etoile mall (on and near avenue Jean Medecin near the center of Nice) but you have to deal with the traffic and crowds and pollution and parking. (It’s better to take a taxi or public transportation in this case)

In Saint Laurent du Var, it’s just a little more mellow and off the touristy beaten path, and it’s a good place to take a stroll along the beach, grab some ice cream or meal at one of the restaurants facing the Mediterranean, and relax.

June 20th, 2006 by