French Bees

bee in france
Since our winter lasted so long, now that’s it’s warmer, I simply HAVE to be outdoors. However, it’s hard to stay outside for long periods of time, though, because of all the freakin’ bugs! I’ve been equally fascinated and horrified at the number of insects I’ve never seen before.

Take, for instance, this bee. Yeah, I may have have spent most of my life in large cities but I have seen bees before – but look at this one. The proboscis alone is worthy of a blood curdling scream (from me). It is so long! Just imagine: OUCH!!! And since I’ve never been stung by a bee, but am extremely allergic to spider and mosquito bites, I fear that a bee sting might kill me. (I’m also very melodramatic, paranoid and I’ve watched way too much TV, which ammos my imagination.) Anyway, maybe I’ve lead a sheltered life but this bee is scary! And it’s only one of many that I’ve never seen before. They seem like mutants. Yes. Mutants.

June 21st, 2006 by