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In French, the word potager means kitchen garden. I love how the whole idea “vegetable/herb/fruit garden” can be neatly consolidated

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It’s always fun for me to list more unusual events going on in France if I can find out about

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If aluminum cans could replace basketballs, these guys would be the next Tony Parkers in France. Watch this fun video

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~ ~ ~ “The biggest truth to face now – what is probably making me unfunny for the remainder of

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The part-time temp employment agency, Adia, launched a very eye opening and much needed awareness campaign encouraging employers to set

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If you’re a student, you can find flights to a number of destinations for mega cheap if you book with

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In this sweltering heat, nothing is better than eating an ice cream to cool down. The above photo is of

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Slightly off the beaten path in the southern department of France called Le Gard (in the region, Languedoc-Roussillon), there is

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From the BBC: “An elegant new footbridge over the Seine in Paris has suffered trembles similar to those that famously

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Le Tour de France has been going on for several weeks now and it’s something that I have a hard

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Pugs are among my favorite dog breeds and I notice them everywhere. I liked how the paws on this one

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While we were visiting the town of Uzès, we noticed that all of the city trash bins had the word,

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The marketing geniuses behind “Nickel – Faux Cul” should all get raises or bonuses. I’d seen this animated banner online

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Saint Rémy de Provence, which is about 20 kilometers (12 miles) south of Avignon, hosts a street market, “Le Marché

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Next month, Michel Fournier, a 62 year-old former colonel of the French army reserve and parachute officer, will drop out

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[friday ark and weekend dog blogging]

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Translation: Do you love nature? Come take care of me at (website). I DO love nature yet somehow that ad

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Every now and again I get extreme cravings for Indian Food. We’d noticed an Indian Restaurant fairly far away from

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Driving out of Avignon, I noticed a sign “Gross Market,” pointing toward the opposite direction from which we were heading,

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Translation: Cooked Jesus Slices

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Why “Isle”? The medieval town of Isle sur la Sorgue does actually sit on several islands that have branched out

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Zinedine Zidane! Now, if that isn’t insane, ironic and hilarious, I dunno what is. ———————– From Zidane élu meilleur

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Remember how I said that I heart Football? I still do actually, despite Italy’s World Cup win over France. Why?

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Keeping with the spirit of World Cup, I’m posting a photo of a chocolate football and chocolate cleats. They both

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Support France by posting a message on the traffic panels around Paris. Please. Don’t distract drivers too much. Short and

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What I’m about to say may sound outrageous to some of you: France is not just about Paris. Yeah, yeah,

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I’d seen this banner (and fun sculptures) about the Festival d’Avignon “Off” and wondered what that was all about. Was

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From Treehugger: Greenpeace recently reported that the Champagne region in France is under threat of radioactive contamination. According to the

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I was growing very fond of the goalkeeper on the Portuguese team (RICARDO RULES!) – Did you see him leave

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