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We found another bakery about 12 miles from our house that sells these DONUTS. I wouldn’t really call them “beignets”

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This parking game, “Parking Perfection” from Peugeot is slightly easier than the other parking game I’d written about not long

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My neighbor has a gorgeous potager (kitchen garden) and brought over lots of vegetables including these beautiiful Tomates Coeur de

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Say it ain’t so, Johnny! Apparently, 63 year-old French King of Plastic Surgery Rock ‘n’ Roll, Johnny Halliday has joined

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As a true pastry pig, I can either smell or spot a boulangerie/patisserie from miles away. Once spotted, I make

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Overlooking the Rhône River, Avignon, with its 14th-century ramparts, enloses a labyrinth of town squares, winding, cobblestone alleys, and narrow

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I had to stop to take a picture of this unique home.

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Hardly a day goes by without me watching a video or more at YouTube. They have practically every video from

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One of my biggest fears is getting some sort of life-threatening illness that will force me to go to a

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Does this sign, tourisme seulement (tourism only), mean that only tourists can use that parking lot? We are always so

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Being a chronic night owl and a part-time insomniac, if I’m not reading, listening to music or spacing out in

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The recent chaos with air travel security has forced me to postpone my trip to the U.S. where I’d planned

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During this time of year, the French government allocates money in the sum of 268,01 euros per child – to

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It seems like the French lycée (high school) system is a no-nonsense educational entity in France and compared to the

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I’d never heard of Mirabelles until I saw them growing on a huge tree in the golf course-size yard of

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I don’t think Lulu would mind very much that Lulu Lundi was pre-empted this week. Afterall, the theme is still

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Article Fermez La Bush from Slate Magazine: excerpt: “…L’Affaire Camus is the last straw in the Frenchification of American politics.

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Though the weather has cooled down quite a bit and already feels like autumn, it is nevertheless still officially summer.

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My knives set finally came in the mail from Williams-Sonoma (via a friend – they don’t deliver to France.) and

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Maybe it’s more weathered and actually not as old as it seems. I love old signs like these in French,

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More fun flash games from French developer Jean-Philippe Sarda at! Yup, this is the very same company that made

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Here’s an interesting photo essay about the making of French champagne: Click on the photo to access the slideshow at

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Remember those adorable garden tools I wrote about the other day? These graters were in the same store. People have

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Click on photo to zoom out So many villlages in France claim they are amongst the most beautiful villages, but

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As most people know, the French consume a lot of snails, approximately 40,000 tons of slimy creatures are sliding down

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France’s gift to mankind is her sense of aesthetics. That’s why France sent Philippe S+arck far, far away to the

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Imagine driving along the highway in France, and you can’t help yourself, you have to speed just a little, thinking

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From BibliOdyssey: Frenchman Étienne Léopold Trouvelot (1827–1895) was primarily a portrait artist when he arrived in Massachusetts in 1852. During

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COLDS. I’m not kidding. This is good stuff. [Click on the photo to zoom out.] My mummy-in-law brought me a

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When I fly, I MUST have an aisle seat. Call me weird, claustrophobic or whatever; you’d be right but I

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