I Want Pork

i want pork
My knives set finally came in the mail from Williams-Sonoma (via a friend – they don’t deliver to France.) and in the box was their mosts recent catalogue. These “French” platters caught my eye. At the top of the platter it says “Je demande du porc” and there’s a picture of a pig divided up into its pig parts: epaule/shoulder, pieds/feet, etc. They’re called “pig chop plates” and cost $44 for a set of 4. These plates are sort of weird but intriguing; a country style mixed with a semi-formal font design yet strangely casual in theme. Not really my cup of tea but… I wonder if they’d cost less if it just said, “I want pork” in English. You know, less fancy without French words…

Me: “Sweetie, look at these kooky platters from the U.S.!”

S.O. “Hmmm. Je demande du porc. Isn’t that a game??!”

Me: “I don’t know. Why do you say that?”

S.O.: “While that’s correct French, you wouldn’t really say ‘Je demande du porc’ if you wanted pork. You’d probably say, ‘Je voudrais du porc.’ So, ‘je demande du porc’ just sounds like something you’d say outside its true context, like in a game. In fact, I think there’s a game called that.”

Me: “I can’t find anything on a game called ‘Je demande du porc’ on Google but I did find something else called, Le cochon qui rit. Is that was you were thinking about?”

S.O.: “OH Yeah!”

August 19th, 2006 by