More Summer Events in France

Though the weather has cooled down quite a bit and already feels like autumn, it is nevertheless still officially summer. Here are some summer events going on in France in the next weeks to come. Like always, I try to pick from the more unusual happenings:

August 26 – The Sugar Festival, Erstein – Alsace, France
If you live off of sugar highs, this fete is for you as it celebrates sugar in all forms. It probably has something to do with the fact that there’s a sugar refinery in Erstein. This is an annual event that takes place on the last Saturday of August. [links: Alsace Tourist Office Tel: +33 (0) 3 89 24 73 50]

August 19 – 27 Storytelling FestivalVassivière, Limousin France (12e Festival Interculturel du Conte de Vassivière en Limousin) Explore the four corners of the world without ever leaving this beautiful beach island in the middle of the Vassivière lake in Limousin. Nine days are dedicated to the art of storytelling, live music and the imagination. (in French). Admission: 12 euros (free for under 12 y-o) [links: Festival du Conte (in French]

August 26 – 27 – The Ch’ti Bike Tour – Villeneuve d’Ascq Northern France (and around Lille) Who are the Ch’tis? I wrote a little about them here: Les Ch’timis – This is a three-day bike ride event in the north of France. You need to be in reasonably good shape but the rides are fairly easy going. If you do not want to ride, you can check out the festivities at the Lille stadium or go to the pasta party (20 euros) [links: Ch’ti Bike Tour (in French); Email:]

July 1 to September 1 (or as long as the corn fields last) – Giant Labyrinth of the Seven ValleysBuire le Sec, Northern (Nord Pas-de-Calais) France – A fun event for kids as this tiny village is home to one of the biggest corn field mazes in France. Admission 9 euros, 4-12 y-o 7 euros. [links: Nord Pas de Calais Tourism]

September 1 and 2 – Coup de Chauffre – Cognac, France
Free festival with street performers: stilt walkers, jugglers, mimes, puppeteers, tightrope walkers, musicians, dancers, clowns. Make sure to tip the performers! [links: Coup de Chauffre schedule]

Also to note: Rock en Seine (August 25-26) 2006 lineup (click on “programmation“) looks awesome, La Braderie de Lille (September 2-3)

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