Is President Bush French?

Article Fermez La Bush from Slate Magazine:

excerpt: “…L’Affaire Camus is the last straw in the Frenchification of American politics. Last week, we uncovered circumstantial evidence of Bush’s hidden interest in the Tour de France. In the meantime, the Bush administration encouraged France to take the lead in negotiating the cease-fire in Lebanon. A few weeks ago, the House of Representatives—the supposed Bastille of Francophobia—dropped “freedom fries” and went back to french fries. All year long, House members have shown an inexplicable, French-like affection for a troubled colleague named Jerry Lewis. It’s only a matter of time before the House cafeteria starts serving Perrier and pommes frites, and Republicans stop pronouncing the final “t” when they refer to Speaker Hastert.

In retrospect, we should have seen the tell-tale signs of Frenchness all along: Bush’s Parisian refusal to work in August, Cheney’s snooty contempt for American culture, Condi’s flair for haute couture, Bolten’s Marie-Antoinettish tax cuts, and Rumsfeld’s penchant for les head-butts. All this time, we’ve mistaken W for the Peter Sellers in Being There, when in every aspect of his job, Bush is actually Inspector Clouseau…”

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August 21st, 2006 by