Mirabelle Festival

mirabellesI’d never heard of Mirabelles until I saw them growing on a huge tree in the golf course-size yard of my inlaws. I saw them the summer we moved to France and wondered what they were. Then I tasted one, then another, then another, then another, then 800 more. :)

Mirabelles are yellow, mini-sized plums, just a bit larger than cherries. I didn’t think I could get so excited about plums but these are sooo good!

Every year, the city of Metz (in the Lorraine region) dedicates two entire weeks to this miniscule (in size but not in flavor!) fruit, the Mirabelle. There are a lot of activities: an open market where you can buy fresh Mirabelles or Mirabelle tartes or Mirabelle liqueur or liqueur soaked Mirabelles… There’s live music, fireworks, parties, hot air balloons, a flea market, art exhibits, a parade with floral floats and competition, and the crowning of the Mirabelle Queen and a gala celebration.

Fêtes de la Mirabelle, Metz, France
August 19 – September 3, 2006
For more information, email mirabelle@mairie-metz.fr
Website: Mirabelle Festival Program (in French)

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