Allocation de rentrée scolaire – Money for students

eurosDuring this time of year, the French government allocates money in the sum of 268,01 euros per child – to families with children (ages 6-18) going back to school in September. This Allocation de rentrée scolaire, 268,01 euros, is approximately $344 per child, and is meant for purchases related to the preparation of the child’s smooth (re)entry into the school year: school supplies, clothes, etc. Schools send families a list of required supplies, generally.

Not all families are eligible to receive this school entry aid. For example, if there is one child and the household income is 17,299 euros ($22,169) or more per year, your child will not receive the allocation de rentrée scolaire. (see income eligibility list under “Plafond pour la rentrée scolaire 2006-2007″)

I find this a fascinating aspect of France and like how the state tries to help kids, particularly from families that could really use this aid (and of course, hopefully these kids benefit from the money their parents receive for them!)

This amount is in addition to the Caisse d’allocations familiales (CAF), which is money alloted to all families in France with kids.

[For more information: Allocation de rentrée scolaire (in French)]

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