PodTube (for Mac)

podtubeHardly a day goes by without me watching a video or more at YouTube. They have practically every video from everywhere including the entire French INA archives, which is nearly everything ever played on French TV. The problem with YouTube previously, was that you could only watch videos from the site, and that always bugged me because I like to dissect videos and scrub through them on my own. I didn’t like that I couldn’t do that without always having to go back to YouTube or the site with an embedded video (to YouTube). There was no way to download the videos there. That is over – thanks to PodTube.

This brilliant freeware for Mac by French developers, Djodjo Design, allows you to download any videos you’d like from YouTube and it will place them directly into your iTunes library and you can also transfer music and videos onto your iPod. Later, when you play downloaded videos from YouTube using iTunes, the video is in a tiny screen but it’s much clearer than watching 20/7000 vision clarity videos on YouTube. Note: You must use this application in conjunction with Safari.

Here’s the link to get it: PodTube Download (3.6 MB)

August 26th, 2006 by