For the Bored at Work Generation – Park a Peugeot!

parking perfection game
This parking game, “Parking Perfection” from Peugeot is slightly easier than the other parking game I’d written about not long ago. Each level has different challenges and as you progress, you’ll have obstacles like dogs to park around. Don’t hit them! And try to avoid bumping the cars around you. Be sure to read your mission for every level. Sometimes you’ll be required to park front first; other times you’ll have to back up into a space. Use the cursor (arrow) keys to steer and the spacebar to stop. You have a minute to park in your spot.

Strangely, the French car maker, Peugeot, has offered this game from their UK site and not from their French website.

Park your Peugeot Now!

August 30th, 2006 by