Tomates Coeur de Boeuf (Beef Heart Tomatoes)

coeur de boeuf beef heart tomatoes
My neighbor has a gorgeous potager (kitchen garden) and brought over lots of vegetables including these beautiiful Tomates Coeur de Boeuf / Beef Heart Tomatoes. They are about the size of large oranges. I love how they look like hearts and are so different in shape (ridges and a tapering bottom) from your run-o-the-mill tomatoes everywhere. There might be many varieties of these Beef Hearts but they don’t look anything like the so-called Beef Hearts I’ve seen in French markets, even at the farmer’s markets. The market varieties never usually look like cow hearts (or at least what I imagine actual cow hearts to look like) because they have flat bottoms. These from my neighbor do seem to merit their name. I am guessing that the market varieties are genetically modified or just a different kind of Coeur de Boeuf that have flat bottoms, which pack and transport easier. (They don’t roll around so much and get damaged with that flat bottom.) In any case, it is once again amazing to see all of the different kinds of vegetables and fruits around here, that I’ve never seen before. Btw, these are so amazing in flavor, it is best to eat them raw in salads or as thick slices inside a simple yummy tomato sandwich. (I made tomato sammiches with avocado, bleu auvergne cheese and lightly toasted walnut bread.)

It may be cold, rainy and icky outside in August of all months (I thought it was supposed to be summer?!), but that didn’t stop us from having a summery lunch next to the warmth of the fire inside!

August 30th, 2006 by