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Not to be confused with La Fête de Mai (Festival of May), A tradition from the Perigord, La Fête des

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Sometimes it makes sense to stay in a hotel while you’re vacationing but there will be times when you might

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Next to Paris, surprisingly, the Perigord probably has the richest heritage of historical monuments in France. The notable places to

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There’s a French song by a guy named, Gérard Blanchard called, “Rocamadour,” which apparently was a huge hit in 1982.

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Ok, I’m not really sure what to say about this Velouté de foie gras de canard, (which is a very

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On our way to Sarlat and as we were approaching the small village of Terrasson (southwest France in Dordogne, part

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Vegetarians and vegans, I salute you. Though I’ve spent the last month eating mainly vegetarian, I must admit that it

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Remember this dog bar in France? I found another one! Wait, look closer: A slight improvement from the last one.

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Since when are écoles (schools) and kids dangerous? This sign was good for a chuckle anyway. Somehow we got a

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If ever you mention Roussillon to someone who knows France, they will likely say that it is one of the

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For several months now, we’ve been following, with fascination, the story and news about La Demeure du Chaos (Abode of

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In a recent post on her blog called, in my spare time, Jan from New South Wales, Australia, has beautifully

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This would be my post entry:

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From August 21 to the end of this month, Peugeot has run a “special promotion.” They will apply up to

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From Screenhead: “According to an article posted by AP, Luc Besson has stated that his latest directorial effort, Arthur and

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If you didn’t register early for free entry into the Paris Apple Expo, you can still head over but you’ll

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A short commercial on TV promoting the Fete du Pain (Bread Festival) in Civry en Montagne (Burgundy, 20 minutes drive

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Courtepaille is a very average roadside restaurant chain. You’ll find them all over France. I just laugh a little each

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I briefly mentioned and recommended the best-seller, Perfume, a novel by Patrick Susskind in a post about Grasse, which is

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The weirdest item came up earlier on the evening prime time news on the channel, France 2. The subject? Ejaculation

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I love when dogs smile. Ok. If you don’t think that’s cute above, we can’t be friends. We went to

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Free unlimited landline calls!!! Voice over IP (VoIP) software maker Skype has announced that all France-based Skype users can make

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This place is called Burger Pizza. They serve burgers and pizza.

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Gamers everywhere are reveling the savvy and unabashed style of French advertising, specifically for these PS2 ads from TBWA France.

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10 years ago, something amazing happened to a struggling, unknown band in L.A.: They got famous in France. Lemme back

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L’Abbaye Notre-Dame-de-Sénanque in Provence is home to an active Cistercian community that is known for its 12th century monastery and

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More doggy goodness in France for Weekend Dog Blogging. It’s hard to see it in the photo but this dog

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This isn’t what it sounds like. I mean, yes there is wine here, and wine tasting and drinking, and in

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Accommodations in France doesn’t necessarily have to involve hotels, in fact, all over France, especially in and around small villages

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If you are not a French citizen but are a legal resident of France and posses a valid carte de

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