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Whether or not you’ve seen gobs of photos of the famous aqueduct, Le Pont du Gard in southern France, I

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From the people who brought you The Meatrix, here’s another important animated cartoon about PVC, how to spot it and

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This is sort of part 2 of my post from the other day about how I found cute T-shirts with

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More game goodness from French game developers Anode & Cathode, the same people that brought us The Museum, which I

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Someone must have heard me when I screamed about the silly “English” on French T-shirts and how there is an

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Maybe I wasn’t paying attention in class the day they talked about this but the first time I’d ever heard

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You’ve probably seen people with their Moleskine notebooks, sketching, painting, jotting down little ideas and notes. They’ve even made many

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There’s not a whole lot to do in the southwest village of La Roque Gageac but it is still worth

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A quick reminder that the Salon du Chocolat, the huge chocolate expo in Paris takes place next week, from October

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If you know France pretty well, you’ll recognize that this photo was taken in Cannes, France just on the famous

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My neighbor and I were having a conversation not long ago and she’d mentioned that she and her family have

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~ “The mind can go in a thousand directions but on this beautiful path, I walk in peace.” ~ Thich

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This is an impressive event in France that takes place every year. For the whole week beginning Monday, October 16

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Many French people who’ve asked me this question are so disappointed when I DON’T say, “hamburgers.” What is Typical American

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Halloween is not for a couple of weeks, but face it, you wait ’til the last minute to decide how

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It’s mushroom season in France. This year, there are many disputes and misunderstandings about the issues with mushrooming. People are

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Originally naming their French techno/house duo, “Darlin’” Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo and Thomas Bangalter later changed their name after a

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I heart David Lebovitz. Why? He’s fun, silly and his Paris food blog is entertaining and informative. He’s an author

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Do you know how I’ve been talking about the most beautiful villages of France? There’s actually an officially declared list

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When we got to know Marc from Au pre de l’arbre, and he mentioned that it was extremely difficult for

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From time to time I’ll be posting games made by French developers, or games with a French theme. Today’s one

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No, this post is not a “How to” and no, I’m not saying this is right. It is simply a

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While traveling around Dordogne just a couple of weeks ago, we’d originally planned on coming home after a week but

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A quick reminder that Paris’ Nuit Blanche will take place this Saturday, October 7. This is the time when Paris

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Isn’t this the scariest window display ever? (click on the photo to enlarge the horror) I mean: Look at his

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Considered one of the most beautiful villages in Southwest France (yes, another one!), Beynac (pronounced BAY nak) with its château

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A quick reminder to make a note of the opening of Une Vérité qui Dérange / An Inconvenient Truth by

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The “design” of these roadside public toilets can be forgiven, I think, because: 1) They are Toilettes Sèches (dry toilets)

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We just got back from a week in Dordogne and another week back in Provence. So, I now have a

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This suitcase is cool! It can be extremely helpful and make your travel life a lot easier because it weighs

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