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From Sign on San Diego: When Patricia Russo takes the helm of newly-merged telecoms gear groups Alcatel SA and Lucent

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You may think this is a totally useless list of words to know in French, but I say it could

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Elisabeth from As My World Turns once blogged about the cultural differences between the U.S. and France and invited outside

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  photo courtesy of Wikipedia While it is another village amongst the most beautiful in France, one of our favorite

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From NPR: There are now so many people applying to be garbage collectors in Paris that the city council has

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Time to take a short break and have a little game fun. The same game developers from France that brought

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I get tripped up when I hear French expressions. Ok, I actually get tripped up with French in general, but

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The more I look at this picture, the better tofurkey sounds. Here’s the Thanksgiving quote I like the most: “I

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Drink Wine and Live Happily This photo deserved a post even though it’s a short one. I like how it

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While recovering from jet lag a few weeks ago (in California), I plopped myself in front of the TV and

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You might find yourself passing by Terrasson in Dordogne saying, “Wow, what a pretty town,” then driving right through it

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From Busabout: Who could fail to be seduced by France? There’s no other place like Paris on Earth with its

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SNCF Travel in France has added a CO2 emissions comparison tool to their booking site. It takes several modes of

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These jigsaw puzzles don’t come out of a box. C’mon, this is the computer generation! Included here are online puzzles

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Unexpected Faces in Buildings

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It’s that time of year again! I wrote about Beaujolais Nouveau last year but I’ve decided to repost just in

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I’ve been in the U.S. for a while now and yesterday I had dinner with my mum and a few

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You’ll find stunning black and white photos from this photoblog “nyclondon” by Rob Gardiner. Despite the blog’s name there are

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I’m surprised there haven’t been more accidents on the closest autoroute to Carcassonne because it is really distracting while driving

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From Jay is Games: Comboling is an original puzzle game that was conceived by Jérôme Lulling in the mid-80’s by

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I happily believe there are way more food related events in France than anywhere else in the world. This is

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I could’ve sworn that I saw two unicorns while driving by this forest. I mean, look at the fairytale-esque setting

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I’ve seen this cartoon character, Bécassine, on products all over France and just assumed it was from a cartoon made

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Masterminded by France (Nantes)-based illustrator/designer, Gérald Guerlais and White Plains (NY)-based Japanese painter, Daisuke Tsutsumi, Sketchtravel involves more than 50

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Yesterday 141 sealed containers filled with toxic waste arrived in France to be “disposed of” in a town south east

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This new widget for Mac allows you to see the last five news items, the top six dowloaded software titles

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Every year, the Rassemblement de Montgolfières (gathering of hot air balloons) brings balloonists from all over the world to partake

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You can’t get much more postcard perfect with the Mediterranean bijou harbor village of Cassis, which is only about 10

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We saw this sarcastic sign not long ago, and a photo was in order. My rough translation: Last week, by

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I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this site but I am getting progressively into photoblogs and sites with just

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