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I heart Luc Besson even more so whenever I see him in new interviews. Here he’s talking about how critical

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Dancing with the Stars, a celebrity dance contest, aired on American TV a few months ago and I was telling

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Gorgeous. Here’s one reason why we love where we live.

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One of the remarkable things inside a French supermarket is the yogurt aisle. It is gargantuan with its shelves upon

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From “The people of France agree on very little, but for decades one touchstone of national feeling has been

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L’Alliance pour la Planète, is a large collective made up of NGOs, associations in France related to helping the environment

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For some time now, I’ve been wanting to mix things up a bit and start another theme for blog posts.

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I’m not kidding. This must be a brand spankin’ new law effective January 1st or something – though I can’t

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Just last week, a new political group was formed and officially entered the European Parliament. The group called, “Identity, Tradition,

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Ouverture Facile means “Easy Opening” and refers to the fact that this game starts out easy. But after that, there’s

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Mona Lisa – Musée du Louvre, Paris Millions of people come to Paris to specifically see Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona

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In Second Life (a 3D virtual world), France’s anti-immigrant extreme right party, the Front National, led by Le Pen set

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Me: Sweetie, do you know that saying, Two’s company, three’s a crowd? Him: Not really but I know what you

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Some of you anti-Monday people will probably appreciate this T-shirt I got for my little niece. Front: J’aime pas le

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Since we are (ok, since I am ) on the subject of cows in France I thought it timely to

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I said SMILE! Click on the photo to enlarge [Visit The Ark to see more animals]

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Salon du Mariage – January 12, 13, 14 Rub shoulders with celebs Eva Longoria (marrying Tony Parker) and Jeri Ryan

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When I’m visiting my family in California, one of my rituals is to go to Costco with my sister to

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I saw these in the market a couple of days ago and thought, What are Samurai Onions??! That doesn’t sound

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New stuff from Apple being announced right now! Streaming notes and photos from French site,

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I really, really, really hate this commercial campaign by BDDP & Fils. M6 Mobile Orange (for cellular phone service) has

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It’s the first week of the year, which is NOT too early to plan some trips! Take advantage of these

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[Disclosure: I was contacted to write a short review of a recipe from, so while this is a sponsored

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It’s that time of year again! Well, tomorrow is anyway; it’s the first Sunday of January when France recognizes Epiphany,

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Rolling in Rocamadour I found this adorable labrador rolling around the pavement in Rocamadour. It’s a little blurry (sorry) but

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Sorry to remind you but Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so instead of the usual box of chocolates,

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him: I brought you something from the bakery! me: ooooh! What?!? A pastry? Chocolate? him: No, it’s this; chew on

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For Mac: This handy new widget accesses news from 6 major French newspapers: – Le Monde – Le Figaro –

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