Galette des rois for Epiphany

galette des rois epiphany

It’s that time of year again! Well, tomorrow is anyway; it’s the first Sunday of January when France recognizes Epiphany, the Feast of the Kings. For me, it’s about the pastry that you can only get during Epiphany: la Galette des roi / Kings’ Cake. Click here for more information about it: January celebration in France (I’d written about this last year.) Quickly, it’s a buttery flaky crust filled with frangipane, an almond paste.

What I didn’t know until just today when we bought this galette, however, is that you can choose from two different kinds of filling, at least where I live in Burgundy. You can get a galette with frangipane or one with what people here call, “Pitivier frangipane,” which is frangipane mixed with crème patissière. It is so good! The version of galette with Pitivier frangipane is also called Galette parisienne (Parisian Galette). Since I haven’t had any galettes from Paris, is there only one kind of filling in Paris? This Pitivier version? Where IS David Lebovitz when you need him? (probably goofing off doing some sort of chocolate television show or something…)

Anyway, I do prefer the Parisian version.

Also, no sign of the fève yet. I might post a photo of it after someone finds it. Here’s last year’s fève: Epiphany Today – Feast of the Kings (and Queens!)

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