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Call me crazy but I’ve been craving French things while here in California. I’d heard about a place in Venice

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Dear Sick Woman on an Air France flight from Paris to L.A.: I hate you. You freaking whore. You’re an

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From Teleread: “…How can you read a paper book if you’re quadriplegic and can’t use your hands? And what if

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A recent post on the Gristmill blog that recounted a conversation with a butcher reminded me that way too many

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Voyages SNCF is having a promotion with very excellent prices including lowered prices on flights, hotels and 50% off trains

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From Moleskinerie: “In order to encourage and inspire the creativity of travelers, Moleskine has decided to do its first collaboration

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Amsterdam-based Assistive technology software developer, David Niemeijer, just released a new Assistiveware video called, “It has made the world of

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In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Colette teamed up with veteran designer Lacoste and launched these cute limited edition sneakers

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A documentary on the subject of genetically modified corn and soy in France (and Europe in general) was produced in

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From: AFP/Yahoo (Photo: AFP/Theirry Zoccolan): “Far from the power-broking of Silicon Valley, the new boss of the Internet giant Wikipedia

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Him: “What’s the saying in English when a guy has muscles on his stomach?” Me: “Do you mean like a

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From Reuters: “French motorists may be driving more recklessly than usual because they are counting on the traditional pardon by

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This is not good. France hasn’t really been known for convenient pre-prepped food but there has been a gradual change

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Pas de pub merci / No ads Thank you

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Mailman: Do you want a duck or a pheasant? Me: No mail? Wha? Mailman: Duck or pheasant? Me: Are they,

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Sooooooooo. I tried to send a package to the U.S and it was returned to us because it contained food

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If you wanted to take a historically deeper look into the City of Light, here’s somewhat of an eco-tour of

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Another Superbowl (the 41st to be exact) is upon us and I won’t be going to any snackalicious Superbowl parties.

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But will they actually use it or erase it then download and store games? 😉 ~~~ French authorities will give

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From signonsandiego: The United States could face possible European carbon taxes on its exports if it does not sign global

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From Kotaku: Developing games in France just got a whole lot easier. Recognising the medium’s importance to the nation’s culture,

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I found a store that sells these cute mice sculptures made my the local Burgundy artist, Jerome Champenois – and

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In France, if you don’t subscribe to cable or satellite television, your options are: Analog TV, which, depending on where

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A quick reminder: If you’re in France please turn off all of your lights tonight from 7:55pm to 8pm. (or

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