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We always joke about this sign whenever we pass it, and I’ve been meaning to take a photo of it

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Ok, I exaggerated. I suppose the title should instead be, “Produce Less Trash with a yaourtière.” We eat a lot

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We try to order online as much as possible, which saves a lot of driving time and reduces our carbon

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From Yahoo News: “Tres chers amis,I’m worried. Really worried. How can you have made Nicolas Sarkozy, the pint-size tough guy

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What happened, French people??! I was hoping the first round of the presidential results would be a GASP! OMGFG moment

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France’s 1st round of presidential elections is today, so I decided to tag along with my sweetie to the polls.

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I’m sort of excited about the elections tomorrow in a doom-and-gloom sort way but it is still all very fascinating

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AKA La Fameuse Claque Click here or on the photo (18 second video) Me: That would end the career of

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Today is Earth Day et ça tombe bien (and it’s good timing) because stuck in my head is a song

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From Treehugger: “When the French do something, they do it in style and make an impact. Some things like the

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This Sunday is the first round of the presidential elections in France. It’s not going to be fun but someone

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Or would that be ugly in a cute sort of way? Or is it just plain ugly? I like it

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British tourists and expats must get Beyonce’s song out of their heads! (You know, “to the left, to the left…”

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When I lived in the U.S. I loved shopping at a store called, “Anthropologie,” which I always thought was a

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I have a habit of really looking at people’s faces saying, “if so and so had a baby, the result

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My life in general and as a volunteer for an environment group, just within the last few weeks, has been

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Last year a French rapper named, “Kamini” hit his 15 minutes of fame with his hilarious song, “Marly-Gomont,” about his

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I knew this presidential election was going to be full of kooky wtfs. In a way, it is so fascinating

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Photographers, whether they are hobbyists or professionals, oftentimes explore a place much differently than the typical traveler. With camera in

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It looks as though this will be the first presidential election in the history of France to use an electronic

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