French Milk Bottles

milk bottles france
When I lived in the U.S. I loved shopping at a store called, “Anthropologie,” which I always thought was a French chain (but it’s actually a company based in South Carolina). They have beautiful things that you might find in France, and countries in other parts of Europe, Asia, and Scandinavia. I secretly thought it would be fun to work as a Buyer for them.

It’s weird because I found these beautiful glass and porcelain 1.5 liter milk bottles right here in France, but imagined that they would be great for Anthropologie. Anyway, I bought four of them plus a cute basket to keep them in. These bottles will hopefully be home to what they’re meant to store: milk. So, we’re in search of a farm that will sell us raw milk directly. That is not an easy feat in the U.S., I’ve heard (it’s illegal), but it’s getting harder and harder to find even in France now (I think it is also illegal, but I’m not sure). We’re working on the case because we know it’s got to be possible, and we’re sort of disgusted with industrial French milk – large markets’ milk leaves a lot to be desired even the “bio” (organic) milk. (with the exception of one brand of bio milk we bought the other day.)

A little detective work, several visits to nearby dairy farms and off we go. (for a later blog entry I guess)

April 15th, 2007 by