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I must have some sort of French disease or something because since arriving in the U.S. (east coast) a few

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June 29 marks the U.S. premiere of Michael Moore’s much anticipated film, Sicko. (It’s also the official ship date of

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Reality Does Not Exist Roussillon Wine Fair – Perpignan June 30, 2007 – 6pm to 10pm I’m not sure why

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and a bee

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Why not. Find romance in on a bottle of French wine. Soif de Coeur (A Thirst for Romance) offers wine

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Tagline: Get to know more about Paris. CondorTravel Travel Agency I love how this ad hits the mark about traveling

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From “Members of the new French cabinet have been told to stop using their BlackBerries because of fears that

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Over the years I’ve been (rightly) accused of being a bathroom freak. Maybe it’s just “freak.” Anyway. I don’t disagree

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This kind of pain!

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People seeking bottles, rejoice! Remember these adorable milk bottles? I received several emails and a few comments asking about them.

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I couldn’t resist posting this video of a giggly, drunk President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy giving a press conference at

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Oftentimes you come to the logical realization that life is stranger than fiction, even stranger than the fiction from your

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Eze, France

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The longer I live in France, the more I realize that all Pains aux raisins are NOT created equal here.

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From the UK Times: “For the French, it ranks as a national emergency. Their top chef is warning of a

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Garden Festivals across France will be celebrating gardens and will be focusing on water, which is this year’s theme. Take

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From Yahoo News: “The Red Sea, Belize and the Cayman Islands are all scuba-diving hotspots, but what about Paris? As

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Dorne, France (Bourgogne) [Visit Friday Ark for more animal photos]

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