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The 33rd Annual American Film Festival starts today (through September 9) in Deauville, a seaside resort in Calvados (in the

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Yuck. Well, eating a worm from China in these fake chocolate “Rochers”, PROBABLY won’t kill you, and they’d be a

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Our heroes were just in Paris during their world tour promoting Season 2. But where was Masi!?

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Perhaps not the most exciting conferences for some, but definitely an important one regarding environmental city living, “l’écologie à la

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France has been the only place I’ve noticed where doctors will prescribe vitamins to sick patients, instead of medication. Wait.

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Masi is our Hiro! Heroes, (pronounced EE-rohz in France :D) Season 2 is set to air on September 24! But

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PARIS (Reuters) – A French tax official cheated the government out of 600,000 euros (407,000 pounds) by creating a phantom

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from Electroma As they say in France, “yehsssss!” (That YES! with a French accent.) “Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo — have announced

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The Rugby World Cup is fast approaching, beginning September 5 in Paris. What better way to commemorate your favorite francophone

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Interesting take on Sarkozy and the European Leaders as they relate to “handling” the U.S. “…when people in Paris talk

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More about the Citroën 2CV (Deux Chevaux (2 horses)) here

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A quick reminder that Rock en Seine in Paris, the big music festival that celebrates the end of the summer,

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Declared and soon to be crowned “The Best Plumber in France” Oliver Watson, a British citizen, competed against 6000 other

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Me: Why do these coquilles saint jacques (scallops) have orange tongue-like things? Him: That’s how you can tell they’re REAL

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As of yesterday, have you noticed that you’re not able to send out email, and your internet service provider is

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Yes, it’s that time of year again. Steve Jobs’ neglected, adopted son called, The Paris Apple Expo, is creeping up

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Sullr is a free online tool to obtain information from telephone lines in reverse mode. Enter a phone number on

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Amigo Software just released new French learning software for Mac and PC.From the site: “Learn French vocabulary using games and

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Did you know that in France it’s illegal to name a pig, Napoleon? NO?! Eh ben ça alors!! [from The

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Un Français, c’est un Italien de mauvaise humeur. The French are Italians in a bad mood. ~ Jean Cocteau (French

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One of the reasons NOT to complain about the crappy unusual weather this year in France is that the wonderful

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Yay Cecilia Sarkozy! I am beginning to really like her especially after having read that she opted out of lunch

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The French Paradox is a so-called “phenomenon” concerning the fact that people in France consume lots of food rich in

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What do you get when you put 33 skate wheels strategically on a French guy’s body? Jean-Yves Blondeau aka Rollerman!

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How could I have missed this festival of gluttony aux escargots? I don’t know. AND it was held in Burgundy’s

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Though I’ve never wondered or cared about this, here’s some news escargot AKA snail lovers might appreciate. Organic snails are

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Let me introduce you to the nemesis in France that should never ever come in close proximity to your mouth:

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That doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like “The Barber of Seville.” Anyway. While taking a walk through one of

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On sale soon in France: An innovative washing machine that needs no detergent. This means a coupla things: 1) no

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