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[photo courtesy of Neverends] If you’ve been curious about what lurks beneath the City of Light, check out the underbelly

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and other wines. Global Warming is going to seriously crimp your wine life…well, and your life in general. “Say Goodbye

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“The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear.” – Daw Aung San Suu

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The good things about the Apple Expo, where we dropped by earlier today on our way home from the north,

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Yesterday in Calais (northern France) at the Cité Europe mall, we took a break to have a drink, and I

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Sometimes it takes wandering over to Venice, Italy to run into a French chocolate maker. We spent last week in

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“AssistiveWare will demo its assisitive technology products in the ordiTICE booth ED007-008 of the Education Solutions Centre of the Apple

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Orange has yet to announce the price structure for the service for iPhone but you’ll probably have to sign on

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Some links: Article NY Times, Marcel Marceau, Inspiration for Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk (video)

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The immensity of the Château de Versailles may overwhelm you (and your tired feet), which is perhaps why some travelers

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“For a fee, this French Web site will provide tailor-made alibis for your trysts, including fake bills, receipts, and phone

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Thought I’d take a different angle of the very popular ancient Greek sculpture, L’Aphrodite aka Venus de Milo and her

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We went to a pharmacy in Paris and bought potassium for someone and this is what it looked like on

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On several occasions we’ve been recommended this tapas restaurant called “Pinxo” in Paris and since we’re staying in the area

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According to “Richart chocolate might be only the fourth most expensive chocolate in the world (at $120 per pound),

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Spotted at the airport today: a purse with a hand-held type showerhead with piping as a handle. The purse was

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There are several prints from 1910 by Villemard at the La Bibliothèque nationale de France that show what the artist

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I guess they’re not SECRET, anymore. “BROYE-LES-PESMES, France – A French space-surveillance radar has detected 20-30 satellites in low Earth

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Very Cool News From Gadling: “…local Parisians are battling the onslaught of foreign pop culture in their own special way.

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Not that it’ll change anything or even prevent anyone from using this term, but a French Police Union is taking

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I was just about to walk into this place when my sweetie says, “Where are you going?” “In this store.”

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Today Apple France will be making a announcement to French and European journalists invited to their “special” press event. Is

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A fun music find: The Lovers is a French band (Marion Benoist and Fred de Fred) based in Sheffield, England.

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Talented and silly illustrators world-wide were asked to contribute their take on the Mona Lisa at Nick Mag’s Magazine Gallery

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“One in three bottles of appellation controlée wines produced in France is sub-standard, according to the French consumer watch-dog. A

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Funny TV ad spot. I don’t want to mention the product because it might give away the ending. (Click on

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Him: You know what they need in France? Me: What? Him: Those awesome signs in the U.S. on trucks that

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Via Reuters “This is an aerial view of Tianducheng, a residential area on the outskirts of Hangzhou in east China’s

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While Americans are lounging around this non-working Labor Day in the U.S., today the French are doing the opposite on

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