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While we were out shopping and looking for our scary movies (which we couldn’t find), we missed the trick or

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Me: Sweetie, let’s get some French Horror films for Halloween tonight! Him: Which? I don’t think there ARE any. Me:

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In between stuffing yourself on candy corn today, play this time waster game called Bashing Pumpkins! Play now

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A quick reminder that tomorrow is La Toussaint, in France, a national holiday, and EVERYTHING is closed – well, everything

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From Adrants: If you live in France and happen to have found a baby in the frozen food section of

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From World News Yesterday: Former US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld fled France today fearing arrest over charges of “ordering and

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A Sponsored Post: Oftentimes when traveling, you want a different sort of hotel experience, one that is far from the

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Not as if you haven’t seen, like, 72 million men peeing on stairs in France but thought I’d post yet

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EquitExpo, the international Fair Trade Expo starts today and continues through the 29th. The expo serves to promote fair trade

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Sorry for the late notice but I just read about this in Bike The Big Apple via Treehugger: This unique

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Sometimes I really love my host country. Will George Bush come to France? What will happen to him upon arrival?

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It’s been TOO LONG since the last time I posted a game, soooooo here’s Chat Noir (Black Cat), a puzzler

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Exploring off the beaten path in France oftentimes can and will lead one to real gems in unexpected places. The

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  Although I didn’t see it in the news, apparently Paris-based AOL France just laid off more than half of

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945 Euros for the iPhone in France? WHAT a steal. This is listed on France’s but there’s no description,

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“…The joint suicide of André Gorz, the French philosopher and founder of the magazine Le Nouvel Observateur, and his British-born

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Watch the clip with Conan and James Lipton on YouTube.

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American expat and Pastry chef, David Lebovitz, will be signing copies of his books, The Perfect Scoop and The Great

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Sort of. This is Lyon’s “Eiffel Tower” france lyon eiffel tower photos

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Only if people around the world know the truth is there some chance for change. Films like this make it

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The Sécurité Routière, France’s Department of Road Safety has released this year’s television spots that will again send shivers down

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“…Orange will sell the iPhone in both locked and unlocked versions for the country, a company spokeswoman says. Béatrice Mandrine,

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Un sourire, c’est gratuit! / A smile is free! Climb up the steps (Montée Chazaux) toward the Basilique de Fourvière

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From New World Notes: “In 1793, a French journalist named Jean-Paul Marat was taking a cold bath to alleviate his

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Remember Mr. Pott the Potter? This is Mr. Mortar the Mason. france mortar mason photos

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British retirees, the gravy train is over. From The Telegraph “Thousands of Britons who have taken early retirement and moved

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If you’ve been in France a while, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying about pigs: Dans le cochon, tout est

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“For seventy years, a prayer book moldered in the closet of a family in France, passed down from one generation

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In conjunction with the French October 26 release of Harry Potter et les Reliques de la Mort (Deathly Hallows), the

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Here’s a fun and silly reading by David Sedaris talking about the French healthcare system. Click here to listen

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