How to say “Trick or Treat” in French
Wednesday October 31st 2007, 2:18 pm
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While we were out shopping and looking for our scary movies (which we couldn’t find), we missed the trick or treaters!!!!! I wanted to see French kids going door-to-door because everyone around here said they do – and I only halfway believed them. I wondered what they’d say at the door. According to my mummy-dearest-in-law, they say this…. drum roll…..

On veut des bonbons!  / We want candy!

That’s so pushy.

Franco-American Conversations: French Horror Films for Halloween!
Wednesday October 31st 2007, 7:48 am
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french horror films

Me: Sweetie, let’s get some French Horror films for Halloween tonight!

Him: Which? I don’t think there ARE any.

Me: What??! We need to watch horror movies on Halloween in between passing out candy.

Him: There’s only going to be a few kids that will come, though.

(Note: We’re in the north of France near Boulogne-sur-mer, where the American “trick or treat” tradition of Halloween is beginning to catch on slightly.)

Me: I can’t believe there aren’t any French horror movies. That’s lame.

Him: Let’s ask Yann; he’ll know.

Yann (on IM): Go online here. (Thanks, Yann!!)

Me: There’s one called, Baby Blood! another’s called, Promenons-nous dans les bois (Let’s Take a Walk in the Forest…) or Maléfique (Evil)! This one’s about some prisoners who find the diary of a prisoner in the beginning of the century. The diary has magic spells to help escape from the prison… Yeah…

Him: They’re going to suck, you know.

Me: I know! It’s going to be so much fun!

Happy Halloween!
Wednesday October 31st 2007, 4:41 am
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bashing pumpkins

In between stuffing yourself on candy corn today, play this time waster game called Bashing Pumpkins!

Play now

La Toussaint / All Saints Day is Tomorrow
Wednesday October 31st 2007, 3:26 am
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flowers carnations for toussaint in france

A quick reminder that tomorrow is La Toussaint, in France, a national holiday, and EVERYTHING is closed – well, everything except cemeteries and flower shops. What to do? Go to the flower shop, gets some flowers (typically carnations) and then go to the cemetery and pay your respects to the dead.

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Frozen Babies In Grocery Freezers, Child Abuse Prevented
Tuesday October 30th 2007, 1:44 am
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frozen babies campaign france

From Adrants:

If you live in France and happen to have found a baby in the frozen food section of your local grocer, fear not. This isn’t the latest baby dumping stunt by a distraught teenager; it’s just a home-grown campaign to promote France’s national child abuse phone number, 119. Another clue this isn’t one of those baby-in-a-trash-barrel things: the babies here are tiny, plastic and wrapped in bags like toys.

It’s not a sanctioned campaign but a one-off from a group of people who think the cause needs greater promotion. We’re not sure what we’d do if we found a frozen baby while reaching for a bag of frozen peas but we sure like the approach these guys took to call attention to the issue. Watch the video.