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Don’t miss today’s special one-day shopping event, Friday, November 30th.* Go to the Apple Online Store for a special one-day-only

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This year’s Christmas stamps and cards are not as cute as last year’s (here too) but there are some other

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From Reuters: “The French government is selling a 13th-century prison in Avignon to be turned into a luxury hotel as

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Sometimes it’s just cool to be different. In this case, French sculptor Etienne Meneau has designed a wine decanter that

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From AFP: “The Apple iPhone handset, incorporating mobile phone, multimedia access and music functions, was to go on sale in

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Quand l’Amerique tousse, c’est le monde entier qui s’enrhume means, “When America coughs, the whole world gets sick,” which perfectly

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From the Guardian: “It is one of Paris’s most celebrated monuments, a neoclassical masterpiece that has cast its shadow across

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From Bornrich: On November 27 , the ‘Futuro’, a white plastic house resembling a flying saucer, will be auctioned in

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Fun game. You’ll be prompted to find and click on countries, world capitals, cities, famous landmarks – and it’ll tell

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Every year about this time Pierre Hermé comes out with his very own limited edition designer Bûche de Noël, the

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Paris-based developers (2or3things) has just launched a new service (in beta version) called Bloggino. It’s basically the equivalent of the

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This clip was left out of the original movie (Sicko) because it was said to be unbelievable and people wouldn’t

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From FT: Internet users in France who download music and films without paying for them could find their web access

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Happy Thanksgiving! Remember to wear loose clothes.

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From MacNN: Unofficial reports have indicated what French iPhone customers can expect from the wireless plans that Orange will be

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From the Associated Press: Some 10,000 people, mainly tobacco sellers, marched through Paris on Wednesday to protest a smoking ban

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Although the authorities in France aren’t fans of fakes, there’s a fine line between the real deal and the contrefaçons,

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I kind of like those shoes. But French authorities don’t! Un faux pas qui vous coûtera cher. En France la

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Coming to France and need to know the best places to party? Here’s a website to find the perfect place

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From The Telegraph In a bustling brasserie near the Gare de l’Est, Serge Bonnaud, a train driver for 27 years,

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From IHT: Every souvenir shop in Paris sells miniature Eiffel Towers, but one lucky bidder will soon be able to

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After we left Montélimar, I snapped some quick photos while we drove by this humungous nuclear power station. There were

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From The Sun: WELCOME to the world’s most exclusive hotel – a one-room designer PREFAB boasting a spectacular view of

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Latest TV spot from Orangina. It’s naturally juicy! Watch it on YouTube.

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Somewhere in Anjou, France (southwest of Paris), the exact location not being divulged for obvious reasons, people walking along a

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It’s been a while since Florent Pagny has released anything new but his label just announced that on November 19,

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One of my favorite food blogs from L.A. (Freda and Joan) visited Paris and blogged about their excellent foodie adventures.

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Funny Metro spot from the 70s (looks like from the 70s, anyway) – probably not being sung today… Link to

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