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From 5pm December 31 (tomorrow) til Noon January 1, 2008, Paris will be offering FREE transportation on its metro service

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Silly scatological Christmas spirit from South Park. (sung in French) Watch the video

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A balloon that floats above Paris’ André-Citroën park monitors the air pollution levels every hour. If the balloon is green,

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OMGOMGOMG! N’oubliez pas les paroles, the very entertaining game show has arrived. I love the American version, “Don’t Forget the

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Animal Teapots

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From Networked_Performance: The 4th edition of the Pocket Films Festival, organized by the Forum des images, will take place at

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From AFP: Snail’s egg caviar anyone? It may sound like a challenge to the taste buds, but the salty, pink-white

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I’ve been doing the last minute shopping thing! I tried not to but, anyway. I thought I’d mention this GPS

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Some Sarko Gossip FWIW from Time: It was just two months ago that the French media shrugged off their curiosity

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From Luxist: For Louis Vuitton lovers the ultimate gift might be the Ultimate Travel bag. The company has teamed up

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Some are calling Kindle an amazing reading device from Amazon, but others, like French Designer Philippe Starck, have some issues

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From the internet journalist: (Image credit: Luc Doudet) The Chêne-Chapelle (Chapel-Oak) of Allouville-Bellefosse is the most famous tree in France

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Why Travel to France is acting a little kooky and will continue to do a bit more of that today.

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Just a gentle reminder that Christmas is in TEN DAYS! Here are some movie gift ideas for people who love

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For your listening and viewing pleasure, here’s a music video of M singing with Sean Lennon. Video

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aka The Nike of Samothrace About The Winged Victory of Samothrace Modern excavations suggest that the Victory occupied a niche

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“Mathlete” meaning a Math athlete! From AFP: The world’s fastest human calculator broke his own record on Tuesday for working

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A French court ruled that must stop its free delivery. The court gave Amazon 10 days to start charging

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From IHT: As one of eight children born to parents who came to France from a mining area in the

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Here’s a video with our favorite aerial photographer giving a shout out to Google Earth. (He takes some funky farm

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A while back I got my mom a collection of oldie chansons, very famous French songs that many people recognize.

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We finally got around to seeing Ratatouille, which I think was one of Pixar’s best works on a variety of

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From ENN: French farmer Jose Bove, who became a worldwide celebrity for his fight against junk food, said on Monday

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From Signs of the Times (an excerpt): “…M Sarkozy is a bully who has stated categorically that he does not

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These unique walking tour books will make great holiday gifts for the people passionate about Paris, its architecture, and history

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On a lighter note, here’s a goofy, silly fun online holiday greeting card from Rail Europe. This is what our

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From Cleantech: “A prominent researcher shared a nuclear secret today that he said not even everyone in the U.S. Department

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From greencarcongress: France’s Ministry of Ecology (Ministère de l’écologie, du développement et de l’aménagement durables) announced a new feebate system

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More snarky ads this time coming from the ad agency, Euro RSCG Prague for the school Belecole in Prague, a

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