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I guess it makes sense to say “happy hours,” afterall. (photo taken in Amiens, France)

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From Timesonline: “Mark Boyle was a man with a dream. He was so convinced that a world without the evils

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Usually in the news, they say that the euro has risen to a record high, but I see it more

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Since last week’s early release of the new movie (Bienvenue chez les ch’tis) about the particular group of northern French

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This photo is from a “fancy” bakery’s window display in Wimereux, a dingy yet upscale beach town in the north

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I grew up in the beach communities of L.A. so when strolling along the bike path or on the sand,

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Paris Prêt-á-Porter / Paris Fashion Week Monday 25 February 10.00 Atsuro Tayama Salle Pleyel 252 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré 11.00

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Already blazing throughout the internet, here’s a video of Sarkozy greeting people at the Agriculture Salon in Paris where he

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We’ve been in search for a gift for one of my friends, a Tintin fan. Tintin is not really in

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From “FRENCH President Nicolas Sarkozy said he wants to see French cuisine listed as a world heritage item by

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I’ve been wanting to write about the toxic and polluted Rhone River that scientists are calling, “The French Chernobyl” but

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From Timesonline: “Venetians reconstructing a gold-covered barge used by the doges of Venice until it was reduced to ashes by

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From the beach in Ambleteuse, France More: Friday France Photos

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Just released! These Moleskine Van Gogh Special Edition Sketch Books are normally only available at the Van Gogh Museum in

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These heart shaped cheeses (it doesn’t say which kind of cheese it is) must have been leftover from Valentine’s Day

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If you find yourself walking down rue Thiers in the heart of Boulogne-sur-mer (northern France) and don’t happen to see

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Click on the image to see the report. Related: 22,000 died amid delayed Bayer drug recall

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From reuters: Italian scientists say they have proved Napoleon was not poisoned, scotching the legend the French emperor was murdered

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I had nightmares after I saw this window display at the Palais Royal Gallery…

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From nyt: “He is a lieutenant so loyal that President Nicolas Sarkozy personally rewarded him with the party’s nomination for

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From AFP: “Mr Rude, a new Mr Men character with a French accent and a flatulence problem, is threatening to

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From EUROC: “Another unforeseen outcome of France’s smoking ban. That blue haze of cigarette smoke didn’t just add to the

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Margot Wallstrom, the communications commissioner (and 2nd in command in Brussels) recently said that she is fed up with the

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Make history where it counts: on the lips. In honor of Valentine’s Day (which is coming up right around the

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February 11, 2008 marks the 150th anniversary of when a young shepherdess, Bernadette Soubirous, encountered the ghost of the Virgin

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From euobserver: The French parliament has approved the new EU treaty, making France the first of the large member states

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Me: Sweetie, why do French doctors make you take off your clothes even if you’re there for something like a

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From AP: This year, for the first time, expatriate Democrats can cast their ballots on the Internet in a presidential

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If you stroll through the Palais-Royal in Paris you’ll come across the shiny metallic fountain sculptures of Pol Bury, which

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