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On the way to the Olympic Ceremony, the torch will makes its way all over the world. For what it’s

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Though I haven’t heard about any cities in France participating, I think there are people who are making an effort

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From Forbes: “From April 1 to June 15, Air France frequent flier members will receive double miles for flying a

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Those opposing the new Eiffel Tower “hat” can breathe a sigh of relief. The new hat for the Eiffel Tower

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Definitely, don’t take your horse across this bridge.

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From AP: “SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — At first listen, the grainy high-pitched warble doesn’t sound like much, but scientists say

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From decanter: “For the first time in their history, Paris pawn shops have agreed to take bottles of wine in

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I don’t know why I enjoying spying on other people’s wedding registries, but I do. Here’s what (previously) Cecilia Sarkozy

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I HATE when they do that. Supermarket giants, Carrefour and Monoprix (110 stores in total) have announced a 2.5 ton

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Cute Chocolate Chick (that disappeared quick(ly)) Bernigaud Chocolaterie/Pâtisserie 18, rue de la République 58170 Luzy (Burgundy) France Tel:

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This is a recent television spot (commercial) that cracked me up a little but I won’t spoil it by telling

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What do you get when you take my preferred computer platform, Macintosh – and mix it up with Vietnamese cuisine,

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We wondered if people walking down rue de la Sagesse (Street of Wisdom) in Perigeux realize there are words of

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From core77: “Paris-based Architects Serero have won an open competition to redesign any of the Eiffel Tower’s public reception and

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The highly successful (in France) film, Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis / Welcome to the land of Shtis – will be

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From AP: “Nantes — About 3,000 barrels of fuel oil leaked in and along the Loire River after a pipe

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Just ignore my silly, rhyming title; I couldn’t resist. There’s a cute boutique dedicated to our favorite French, Les Ch’ti

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Growing up in SoCal meant living a life where I rarely experienced gray weather days. Southern Californians don’t realize how

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For about a week now, we’ve been back in the land of foie gras, confit de canard and truffles, at

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Though a tiny, sleepy village in Provence, it’s a perfect place to stay while exploring the region. Make sure you

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From IHT: “Bernard Kouchner, the foreign minister of France and a longtime humanitarian, diplomatic and political activist on the international

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Since our friends from the U.S. were visiting, we thought it would be fun to meet in Provence and go

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The French documentary, “Le Monde Selon Monsanto / The world according to Monsanto,” directed by independent filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin, airs

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Yes. If this isn’t THE reason to visit Avignon, I dunno what is. Alright, I do and there are gobs

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As an expat in France, I don’t get to vote in the municipal elections today but my sweetie does and

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Paris-based musicians, Julien Garnier and Julien Gaulier began as a punk rock band called British Hawaii but moved on to

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What is behind door number………..zzzZAPPP! (photo taken at the Palais des papes, Avignon, France)

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From AFP: A letter of love sent by a French 13-year-old to her late mother, addressed to “Paradise Street, Heaven,”

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Can you imagine the First Lady of another country posing nude? *shudders!*

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