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We went out to lunch the other day to an excellent brasserie in Autun (Burgundy), which I’ll try to write

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Not being a fan of the overrated Louis Vuitton line of luxury handbags and luggage (and in general), this is

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Leave it to outside-the-box thinking* French designer, Philippe Di Méo, to design tableware inspired by sex toys. The collection of

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More Chinese haters of France. In this case, it’s a taxi driver that is refusing Frenchmen and dogs. What about

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From yahoo: “The French government will “suspend” the use of new software for recording the personal habits and affiliations of

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Do you get this ad? It might have worked if they added a short tagline (though that would have been

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Related: Where to stay in Carcassonne

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With all of the GMO (genetically modified organisms) laws being passed here and there and everywhere so the public never

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There’s an old comic strip by Gary Larson in “The Far Side” with two pictures. One shows a person receiving

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Michel Fournier is at it again. Remember two years ago? He dropped out of the stratosphere from an altitude of

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Commemorating Earth Day today, which marks the anniversary of the birth of the environmental movement, I thought I’d post a

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I know these Chinese guys didn’t mean for this to be funny and for all intents and purposes it isn’t

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The Eurovision (the European annual talent show that has taken on a cult following)’s contestant from France is a guy

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There are three new public service announcement videos just released by the Ministry of Employment that are pretty creepy, albeit

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Jumping on the e-reading bandwagon like Kindle (except without a keyboard), Orange and partners Le Monde, Le Parisien, Les Echos,

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Lumiere Technology digitized the Mona Lisa and describes the process. Watch the video

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From electronista: “France-based Carrefour Group will launch a movie download service, the world’s second biggest retailer announced at the PEVE

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Seen near Bordeaux, France

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From macnn: “Apple is in discussions with Orange about lowering the cost of the French iPhone, Les Echos reports. The

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From Michael Ruhlman: “Eduardo Sousa, a farmer in the Extremadura region of Spain is, according to chef Dan Barber, raising

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Sadly, it happened. The last several years of SATC, CSI (aka in France Les Experts), and face it, all American

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This parking lot sign has two messages. In French, you simply pay for parking at the machine before getting into

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From iht: “Nearly a year into his term, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France has hardly mentioned the arts or culture.

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It just occurred to me that the bed and breakfast where we stayed in Carcassonne (southwest France) recently, was not

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From the festival of cannes website: “Quentin Tarantino, who once declared having “devoted his life to cinema, his favourite obsession”,

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From kotaku: “It’s spreading. To Europe. China’s Wii rip-off, the Vii, has apparently been reskinned for the French. This made

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On a lighter note, here’s today’s France photo. It’s a sculpture we saw at the entrance of a tunnel I

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Last night a special report aired on television (on the show Envoyé Spécial on France 2) about the Olympic Torch

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We hit the road last Sunday from Burgundy en route to Carcassonne in the south of France. We took a

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As most people expected, Reporters without Borders did manage to get some attention during today’s Olympic torch relay in Paris

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