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From the iht: “COLLOBRIÈRES, France: Christine Amrane says it is mostly about profit, not just protest and nostalgia. This isolated

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As a chronic conspiracy theorist and as a person who strongly believes that no politician is good, this imagined dialogue

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From iht: France’s space agency, CNES put its entire UFO sightings archive on the web. “The saucer-shaped object is said

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From the nyt: “Next to the Palais de la Découverte, just off the Champs-Élysées, is a flight-of-fancy sculpture of the

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Dad-in-law showed me this pretty flowery tomato thing growing in their garden in the north of France but I kept

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From appleinsider: “France Telecom’s Orange said Thursday it will launch Apple’s much anticipated iPhone 3G in France on July 17th

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Check out the anuual Jazz Festival taking place at the La Défense Esplanade this weekend. La Défense can be a

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From bbcnews: “The French president has irritated female members of parliament by sending them what they say is an ill-judged

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After getting a taste of a couple of French MOFs’ (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) awarding winning desserts and meals (Le

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You will go deliriously insane (in a good way) at the indoor food market of Les Halles (also called “La

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Arts & Management International, bidding on behalf of an unknown (to us) client, received the winning bid for Monet’s Le

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From aol: Where is the love, Parisians? “… Radiohead were left with a row of empty seats at a recent

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While strolling through the largest garden of more varieties of bamboo than you ever knew existed (about 40), you would

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French company Louis Vuitton is up to its old misguided antics getting all litigious on guitarist, Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction,

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From Maureen Dowd: “The French are different from you and me. Yes, they have Sarkozy. And they have Carla. And

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Remember recently how the media was reporting that France was heading for U.S. obesity levels? Well. It has arrived. I

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I bet you haven’t seen this many dickheads all in one place, ever! Anyway. These AIDS prevention ads (“Just protect

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The late edition… Flowers in Provence tags: flowers fleurs france travel provence

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We’ve been in the south for a few days now, of course staying at our favorite b&b in provence. Their

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From the nyt: “When Youssoupha, a black rapper here, was asked the other day what was on his mind, a

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From the sunday times: “His aides have warned him against designer sunglasses and “flashy” behaviour, but President Nicolas Sarkozy could

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GMO = Death tags: france gmo death genetically modified food

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Usually when we get ready for a trip, we do a little research on specific accommodations if we’ve never stayed

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Him: Look what I got at the market for you. Me: What is it, sweetie? Him: These jams. I knew

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On Saturday, June 21, the day before the Patti Smith exhibition Land 250 closes, the Fondation Cartier is offering a

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The new iPhone 3G will be available for purchase in Orange stores across France beginning July 11. It’s thinner, faster,

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Kewl. An Apple Store near the Louvre! From MacworldUK: “Apple plans to open its first retail store in France just

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I am aware of the air beneath me. In the U.S. when Jean-Claude Van Damme comes to mind, people will

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There’s a bird sanctuary inside the beautiful Parc du Thabor in Rennes, which is where we saw this adorable bird

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From the telegraph: “Erika La Tour Eiffel, 37, a former soldier who lives in San Francisco, has been in love

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