Unappetizing French Jam Flavors: Ass Scratch and Old Boy

gratte-cul et vieux garcon confiture france jams
Him: Look what I got at the market for you.

Me: What is it, sweetie?

Him: These jams. I knew you’d want to make fun of them blog about them.

Me: You’re the best. OMG. Gratte-cul (Ass Scratch) jam?! Vieux Garcon (Old Boy) jam?!

Him: (all giggly) You like them, don’t you???

Me: These are priceless. I love them. THANK YOU.

Me: Don’t you think they could’ve come up with a better name than Gratte-cul (Ass Scratch) jam?! and Vieux Garcon (Old Boy) jam?! Even calling something like Booger Jam seems better. The French are so funny.

Note: I’m not too crazy about how Gratte-cul tastes. Psychosomatic? I haven’t yet tried Vieux Garcon yet.


June 11th, 2008 by