Les Halles de Lyon

sausages les halles lyon part dieu food market

You will go deliriously insane (in a good way) at the indoor food market of Les Halles (also called “La Halle”) in Lyon, particularly if quality Lyonnais cuisine does something to you. You simply cannot go wrong here with the 59 knowledgeable food traders and craftsmen, and anyone you’ve ever met from Lyon or anyone who has been here, will always recommend it to you. Sausages is the local specialty, but everything is good here. It’s the best of the best, apparently and many of the best chefs in the Lyon area shop here. So instead of going on and on about how great it is, which it IS, just enjoy the photos below, and make sure you get a chance to visit as soon as possible. For travelers, I’d recommend shopping here and have a royal picnic. It will be one the best picnics you will ever have…

Here’s a little sampler but there’s much, much more (breads, desserts, wines, chocolates, fresh vegetables and fruit, oysters and other shellfish, specialty restaurants…)
cheese fromage les halles lyon part dieu food market

The famous La Fromagerie La Mère Richard, known for his yum Saint Marcellin cheese is here so make sure you experience France with the real deal.

cheese fromage les halles lyon part dieu food market

Although escargots (snails) are a regional specialty of my part of France, Bourgogne (Burgundy), I bet these will satisfy anyone in need of their quota of calcium, magnesium and vitamin C.

macarons les halles lyon part dieu food market

Make sure to stuff your shopping basket with these bright and unsual macarons.

saucisson sec au poivre vert les halles lyon part dieu food market
DON’T leave Les Halles without a sausage or 10. We bought 3 but now I wished we grabbed more. Like a dozen more…

Les Halles de Lyon
102 Cours Lafayette
Lyon (Rhône) France
Opening Hours: Every day (except Mondays & Bank Holidays) from 7am-7pm (closed between 12-3pm)
Website (to see all the vendors and for more info)


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