Want to Be on French TV?
Sunday August 31st 2008, 7:53 am
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Have you changed your driving habits in France to be more environmentally friendly? Do you drive a hybrid or electric car, or have you given up your car permanently? Do you use biofuel? Did you join a carpool? Do you have any other tips related to reducing gasoline consumption? France 5 Television wants to have a word with you. Please call 01 56 26 16 76 if you’re interested in participating in a television show featuring people in France trying to change their lives to live more green.

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Dictionnaire Dashboard Widget
Saturday August 30th 2008, 12:55 pm
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dictionary dashboard widget for mac

Here’s a new, ultra-handy, free dashboard widget for Mac users who speak and write French. It’s a French dictionary that is much easier to use than the tangible leaf through (with your actual hands!) version, as well as even an online dictionary. Install and off you go. Just hit F12 to access your dashboard and your dictionary will be waiting for you. Download it here. If you use it often, please consider donating to the developer.

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Friday France Photo: Notre Dame d’Amiens
Friday August 29th 2008, 11:13 am
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notre dame cathedral in amiens france

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SNCF Tests USB Train Tickets
Friday August 29th 2008, 7:32 am
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sncf usb train tickets
From the rawfeed:

“France’s national train service (SNCF) is offering 1,000 USB TRAIN TICKETS in a trial. The tickets also contain a unique-ID RFID chip that provides wireless “easy pass” access to trains. By plugging the card into a PC USB port, the users’ computers are automatically connected to the SNCF web site, where they can make payments and get schedules. Schedules can be downloaded to the card. The cards work like a debit card — passengers buy some amount — say, 100 Euros — then the fare is deducted each time they ride. The cards also serve as photo ID, with passengers’ pictures on the outside.”

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Orange Admits to Lowering 3G Network Speed
Thursday August 28th 2008, 2:47 am
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From electronista:

“French cellphone carrier Orange has admitted to imposing artificial limits on its 3G broadband network, reports say. The confession comes after complaints from a number of iPhone 3G owners, who in testing their download capacity discovered that they were limited to a maximum of 400Kbps, as compared to the 1.8Mbps possible on T-Mobile’s German network.

Most 3G networks are limited to a peak speed of 3.2Mbps, although some may support 7.2Mbps. Some upset Orange subscribers have been able to get their speeds raised by technicians, who have altered individual accounts to push speeds as high as 3Mbps. Customers have further alleged that the cap may be a violation of Orange’s service agreements, and a petition for proper 3G access has been formed online.

An Orange representative contacted by FranceInfo has stated that the cap is actually pegged at 384Kbps, and applies not just to iPhones but all devices on its 3G network. The limit was aimed at “preserving the stability of the network,” according to the representative, but Orange has since decided it will raise download speeds slightly; by September 15th, the cap should be 1Mbps.”

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