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Embracing the spirit of Halloween, here’s a little something about French horror movies from greencine (an excerpt). Yes, there ARE

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French game developers, Phelios Inc., based in Atlanta have released this free game called, “Whack the Dead” just in time

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Though I’m not much of a fan of her music, I loved Vanessa Paradis in the excellent movie with Daniel

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Celebrate a different kind of Halloween this year in Paris by roller blading around the city dressed as something ghoulish

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Val de Reuil, located just south of Rouen has expressed their Obama love with this hard-to-miss billboard. I thought that

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The 25 year old oldie but goodie, “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, doesn’t seem to age much in la belle France,

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Previous dialogues: Francois Hollande and Maxime Bono, The Dalai Lama and Carla Bruni, Michael Phelps and Alain Bernard, Sarkozy and

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Monsieur le président must be a money magnet because the same publishers (Pascal Petiot Editions) of the famous Sarkozy Voodoo

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A guy dropped his phone in the toilette of the TGV and tried to retrieve it. Was he CRAZY putting

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From engadgethd: “Apparently all that’s necessary to get a lagging country to hop on the high-def bandwagon is to talk

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As a die-hard enthusiast of Halloween and as a chronic gamer, I can not help but be envious of people

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If you haven’t received your absentee ballot to vote for U.S. President, don’t worry, you can still fax in your

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A fountain in Roquemaure, France. tags: france, french, roquemaure, fountain

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Update: According AFP, this item is a best seller at heee! From reuters: “French President Nicolas Sarkozy has threatened

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And to think that we JUST got broadband last week. I’m not kidding. The 2nd to get WIMAX installed in

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Although there are many ways to explore the Camargue, France’s sprawling area of protected marshland, my personal recommendation would be

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Montreal’s French community has given an adorable Labrador puppy named, “Estrie” to Nicolas Sarkozy, following a tradition of canine gift

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The people over at gizmodo find the new cable box, “le cube” a lot more “stylishly French” than I think

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WWF France (World Wildlife Fund) is turning 35 years old. Remembering their 35 years of struggle to save natural habitats

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The Cafe de la grande bourse is probably one the best placed cafes in Nimes, one that offers a good

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The French animated short, Skhizein, written and directed by Jeremy Clapin has earned several awards (The Cannes’ Kodak Prize for

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Thought these were funny. Find them here. tags: french, paris, i heart paris, condoms, souvenirs

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From bbc: “Football matches in France will be called off immediately if spectators jeer during the French national anthem, says

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This spot for a new Dominos pizza was on the other night, and it made me realize that it’s so

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Over several years now, a strange thing has happened in France: the coffee started to suck. Yes, there were cafes

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According to an advice author French women don’t sleep alone because they have a knack for attracting men. Apparently, American

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I like Air Car better! From engadget: “MDI’s compressed air vehicle has been unofficially known as the AirCar for years

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From sinolinx: “France has recalled sweets and biscuits made with Chinese dairy after finding high levels of an industrial chemical.

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This restaurant’s name probably doesn’t bug other people as much as it bugs me – but what on earth are

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Though she’s been around a while now, her career got a serious kickstart because Apple decided to use her song,

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